Date Night with Andy and Mike

The older boys went to a birthday party tonight. Mike, Andy and I decided to go see Harry Potter at the $$ theater. When it occurred to Mike and me that we only had one child, we tossed getting a pizza first into the ante. It felt so weird to order just one pizza (normally we get 3 or 4)! We watched the Gators, ate pizza and discussed Morse code (see post below). Good times.

I don’t know what you are hearing on the news about the economy, but the fact that we went to see Harry Potter 3 months after it was released at 6 pm on a Saturday night and the dollar theater was sold out speaks volumes to me. Mike had not seen the movie before (along with probably 3/4 of the audience members) and Andy and I had been waiting forever to see it again. We had a great time. The lady behind us actually tossed her popcorn tub WAY up in the air when the hand came out of the lake. She was apologetic and hysterical at the same time. She kept saying “I knew it was coming! I knew it was coming!”

On the way home, Mike needed to put gas into the truck. Andy and I went inside the store to pick up some Reese’s cups – I love popcorn and will pay the $ theater prices for popcorn and soda so that they can stay in business. I draw the line at movie candy. When we came out, Mike announced we were going through the car wash. It’s high pollen season here and the black truck was looking decidedly yellowish green.

Now, normally, car washing (at the car wash or at home) is something I leave to Mike and the boys. Imagine my delight and surprise when Andy asked, as the car wash was ending, if he could get out and stand next to the power dryer thingies. I immediately said absolutely not. I’m a mom, it’s what I do. Mike, on the other hand, unlocked the doors and said go for it. Andy was thrilled being blasted by the dryer (think reporter in a hurricane) when, for reasons still unknown, Mike backed up. Yes, backed up right over Andy’s foot.

I was kind of spaced out in my own seat when suddenly Mike’s dragging Andy into the car. Andy was completely freaked out. His foot was fine. I just glared at Mike. I now know he’s been doing the car wash dryer thing since Danny was a toddler, but sheesh!

Knowing myself and my family, this is going to go down as a legend. “Remember the time Dad got really mad at Andy and ran over his feet over and over again with the truck?” Take heed, Dads.

Aside from Mike trying to kill our youngest son (or at the very least trying to maim him), we had a great night. Imagine if the Gators had lost? Oh the humanity!

4 thoughts on “Date Night with Andy and Mike

  1. I laugh only b/c you have such a way of telling it (and, b/c Andy's fine). But… I have to wonder if Mike was even a wee bit squeamish when he *first* let Danny do it? B/C I sit there while the dryers are going, just praying it doesn't break my windshield!! I can't imagine letting one of the kids OUT of the car at that point. *faint*

    Sometimes, it's probably better we not know until later, huh?

  2. Luckily my kids are scared of the car wash and cry the whole time and beg us not to get it washed. Next time I'll tell them to stop crying or I'll make them stand in the air of the dryer like Andy and then Jay will run over their feet.

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