A price must be paid . . .

In Florida, you can’t just enjoy the beautiful weather with no consequences. You just can’t. It’s a rule when you cross our border. For me and Ian, the price is pollen. It is everywhere and it is miserable inside our heads. You know it’s going to be a bad day when Mike gets up in the middle of the night (at least that’s what I consider 5 am to be) sneezing and coughing. He doesn’t even have allergies!!! The man has to roll naked through the lawn, followed by a headlong dive into the bamboo to even generate a polite sneeze most days.

As Mike was leaving, I got up, threw myself over the largest cinnamon bun (you know, because they might explode, better to eat it and sacrifice myself . . . for the kids sake) and took one of Ian’s monster allergy pills. Not good. They work on the sinus headache/breathing thing, but they KNOCK me out. WAY out. I wasn’t functional until nearly noon. Thank God for the older boys and their willingness to help Andy with his math and Latin while I sit on the couch drooling.

So that’s how the day started. Nice, huh? It did pick up a bit. Andy and I finished reading Iron Thunder, by Avi, today. We’ve been studying the Civil War and this was a great tie in book. Good for grades 4-5-6. I do love when Andy and I read books aloud. As a rule, I hate being read to (though I love books on tape, go figure). But, Andy is so funny and enthusiastic. He has accents and inflections that might not quite fit the book, but they make books so memorable. We always end up laughing hysterically and (as I have learned from the older boys) this won’t last forever and I want to get the most out of it while I can. Tomorrow we’re building a milk carton steamship – cross your fingers!

One reason I love my kids? Meatloaf is their favorite meal – even Ian the vegetarian. We always have meatloaf with mashed potatoes. And, I think we all know that mashed potatoes (the kind with butter and sour cream) are the food of gods. I mention this only so you understand Ian’s angle on the whole meatloaf thing. Go figure, though, meatloaf. Though, I have to say, it WAS delicious tonight. Really delicious!

After dinner, the three older boys left to meet friends at a record store (yes, they still exist, though barely) to meet friends for a Flight of the Conchords “listening” party – new album and all. There were snacks and goofy folks in abundance. Someone brought Veggimite. Ian liked it. Danny wanted to barf. Tim could take it or leave it. I live with the Three Bears! Mike and Andy took off into the cool night to walk Scout. (This was after Mike held a power-clean-the-kitchen-drill with all the boys – Yay! Mike.)

I was left on my own. Weird. I’ve been thinking about this year’s NaNoWriMo November challenge. In case you’re unfamiliar, it’s an online challenge to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. I’ve done this for the past three years. I’ve finished bad novels twice. I’m going to try it again. If you have any ideas that you’re willing to part with, please share! Anything! Even just a little scenario might get me started . . .it’s the getting started part I have a hard time with in this challenge.

I decided to hit the local bookstore in search of inspiration. Alone. I wandered around the bookstore, not particularly inspired, but sufficiently distracted. However, I kept running into a creepy, disheveled man at every turn. It finally started to creep me out and I left. I was looking creepy and disheveled myself and the thought of someone seeking me out amidst the shelves was too sad and bizarre to contemplate.

So I walked out into the dark, still getting used to it being dark before 7:30, to loud, scary man-shouting and extra loud dog-barking. I watch 24. I know what’s going on. My first instinct was to dive under the first parked car I saw. Then I noticed the little family standing at the edge of the strip-mall sidewalk. Their little girls were sitting nonchalantly on the edge. Then I noticed the guy with the video camera and the police cars. Oh! Then I saw the guy in full body armor with a GIANT German Shepard attached to his chest. It was a training exercise for the police dogs.

A couple of thoughts. 1) I know the dogs are well trained. Still, if I had two little people, there is no way they would be sitting THAT close to a training operation. EVER. 2) Is it too much to ask for a little sign stating this exercise is going on during x & x hours? People that hang out in bookstores tend to have active imaginations. They should not be subjected to Jack-Bauer shouting and barking dogs after 2 hours of floating among books. 3) I’m so glad I didn’t dive under the Toyota closest to the store. I would probably still be laying there waiting for everyone to leave the parking lot. Talk about a walk of shame.

OK – it’s time to go to bed. Unproductive night here. I had grand plans for baking a brown butter pumpkin cake. Does anyone know where my bundt pan is? Sure as I go buy a new one the old one will turn up.

Mummy/zombie update. Damn thing is laying in the middle of the living room right now. The laundry table was bad. The middle of the living room is really NOT a step up here. Tim keeps telling me it’s just one more step until it’s done. Is/was Stephen Speilberg’s mom in a home for the insane because that’s where this is leading for me.

Sadly, poor old Scout is strangely attached to this thing. She spends all her time snoozing on or near the zombie. In the meantime, while all the boys are sitting there watching TV, I keep glancing over from my computer perch and I see the stoopid mummy/zombie out of the corner of my eye (the part of my eye where the glasses don’t help me) and think it’s Danny flopped on the floor. Twice I’ve run over to revive the stoopid thing. Like the kids need more things to laugh about . . .

5 thoughts on “A price must be paid . . .

  1. I will lend you my bundt pan all the way from the Rocky mountains if you will tell me how to make a brown butter pumpkin cake! It sounds wonderful!!!

    Sorry about your allergies–guess I shouldn't complain about mine; at least the pollen season is shorter here.

    Your blog is great!

  2. My meatloaf always sucks. I have given up trying to make a decent one.

    I would have loved to see you dive under a car. Sorry, but it's really funny to see people do stuff like that.


    Matt went to a party the other night dressed as a zombie. When he stopped at a gas station for gas, the attendant was taken aback. Guess it was all the blood matted in his hair and running down the left side of his face.

    Zombies are hot this year.
    It's a zombie jamboree.

  3. Oh geez, after I posted my comment a new comment window came up. And it must have been directly inspired by the previous comment… the word recognition in the box is 'scabstr'

  4. OMG! We could totally be living parallel lives. Our FAVORITE meal around here is meatloaf with mashed potatoes. We put the potatoes on top of the meat loaf and smother the whole darn thing with shredded cheese. We just had it night before last. Shoot! Since you brought it up . . . we may have to have it again tonight.

    The allergies are a bear hug here too. I think of it as the entrance fee to 11 months of flip-flop weather.

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