Some days I love that we homeschool . . .

today was one of those days. Often we have days where we are just slogging through it to get it done and it feels mean and uninspired (and, yes, my unschooling friends, I’m just too big a wimp to go there). Today was NOT one of those days. Yay us.

Danny is finally getting grades on his first and second college work. (A couple of essays, an oral presentation, several tests) So far, all A’s. (I should insert here that I would be a terrible community college professor – I would NOT have given him an A on one project. :::sigh::: My poor kids, I share it with you all, but not with them, I’ll never be happy. Even when they do well, I just know they can do better. To what end? I’m not sure, but they can do better. For now, I just bite my nails and keep my mouth shut for the most part.)

Ian and Tim and I are slogging through Henle’s Latin, Book II. I love Latin. I think it’s something worthwhile for kids to learn. BUT … the boys and I are into our 6th year now and we have all developed an intense hatred of Caesar. We’re translating some of his writing this year and gah! Talk about someone who is full of himself? Ian wondered aloud today if they didn’t have the Vulpi Network back then and couldn’t we go back and read the easy translations from their site? (vulpi=fox in Latin). They are doing really well – this is hard stuff and they are working through it. I’m scrambling to keep up with them.

Ian and Tim also started their story-board for a Midsummer Night’s Dream. They are going to put their version of Act V on film. Already a potato cannon is involved. I’ll share the results when I see them. For now, I’m just sitting on my hands and trying NOT to comment. It simply kills me that my kids insist on doing things their own way. My way is so much less stressful for me. But then, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I insisted on my way, would I? (Someone tell me I can do it MY way without damaging my kids, just a couple of votes are all I need . . .)

Andy is 9. Life with Andy is still simple. I’m good with helping/teaching the basics. We’re studying the Civil War/War Between the States right now. It was such an awful, ugly war and I’m glad to gloss over some of the worst parts of it for now. We built a telegraph machine. I cannot even tell you all how fascinated all the boys are with this thing. It’s kind of crazy in the age of Ipods, IM’s and text messaging. They’ve refined the design and added wires and spent hours going back and forth between the East and West Wings of our house. Go figure. And, YES, we really do have an East and a West Wing . . . just don’t bring your compass when you visit because the wings are too close together to get an accurate reading.

Today, Andy and I built a paddle wheel boat. Duct tape is your friend, folks. It actually worked! We were hoping it would float. Not only did it float, the paddle wheel thingie worked as well. (Why, yes, I AM the engineering mom!) It scooted right across the bath tub! Fun stuff. We just finished reading Iron Thunder, by Avi. It was about a 13-yr-old boy who worked and served on the Monitor. This boat project was a great tie-in. Andy named our boat the USS Oak Road. He rolled his eyes at me and said, “Yes, I know these boats were floating hospitals, but I just like the name.”

In zombie news, Tim’s nasty thing is complete. I still think it’s creepy as hell, but I’m so glad it’s not in the middle of the living room floor that I will live with creepy. Here are some pictures.

Nothing else new and exciting here, I don’t think. What’s going on in your part of the world? (Yes, that zombie IS in Mike’s car. Won’t he be happy and delighted at 5:30 am tomorrow morning?)

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