Gearing up for neglect . . .

I’m feeling a bit energized at the prospect of NaNoWriMo coming up in November. This will be my fourth year at attempting to write a novel in 30 days. I’ve finished two times, came close the other time. Nothing I’ve written is remotely publishable, but there is a strange satisfaction in just getting it done. I like the guy who created the whole messy project. His advice is to not think “bestseller,” but rather “don’t make anyone vomit.” I can deliver there, I think.

But, with the years of this task behind me, I know that my family is looking at a month of neglect come the end of Halloween. I also know that my family is old enough to figure out meals and laundry for 20 out of 30 days. But, to assuage my guilt, I spent today attacking things that have been driving me nuts forever. One, because I don’t want my poor family to have to face them (though they’ve never complained as I have about them over the years) and, two, because I’m trying hard to eliminate distractions around the house. Remember how clean and organized your room would suddenly become when a paper deadline was looming? Think 30-days and a whole house. I need to eliminate distractions NOW.

1) Boy fashion show! Woohoo! Show me what fits, what doesn’t and let me know what you need. HUGE pile for the AmVets. HUGE list of things we need. 2) The garage. It’s official, I’m out of the soap business. I will continue to make soap for our family and for sale every now and then, but the rest of it HAD to go. This was hard and kind of sad. BUT, I have some stuff up for sale, money is good, right? AND, we have tons more stuff for the AmVets and even more for the garbage men, come Monday. (Note to self, make cookies for garbage guys – they’ll need them.)

WOW – we could park, in addition to the bikes/scooters/skates/surfboards, etc, two mid-sized mopeds in our garage now. A first. It’s amazing to walk out there now. Danny said he thought he could do a cartwheel out there, but that he’d rather perfect his cartwheel than test his theory. I think he might be right.

Moving into the house . . . Tim offhandedly mentioned to Mike that French Bread pizzas might be good for dinner. Jumping on my avoid-guilt wagon, I found a recipe and made some French Bread. Ummm … yay me! I used this recipe. I doubled it. And, WOW, I’m a French chef. This bread was not only beautiful to look at, it was fluffy inside, crusty outside, it was perfect!!!!

Now, partly to avoid guilt in November and partly because I cannot stand to sit in the same room as Mike and the boys during a Gator game, I also made granola and yogurt – extra points for wholesome and healthy, right? Danny let me know that his friend that is a girl is coming over tomorrow, so I used the 4th quarter of the Gator game to make some cream cheese/heath bar/fudge brownies.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I have been listening to The Thirteenth Tale on my Ipod. I read the book about two years ago. I have to say that this is one of my MOST favorite audio recordings ever!!!! Love the novel, love the story, love the narrators – I would have mucked out stalls today to keep listening. We don’t have stalls, so I’m buying my family’s love with food and clean laundry for now.

Andy and Mike spent the morning adding a fourth wall to the tree house. Now Andy and his buddies have to crawl under the structure to climb in through a trap door, or they can climb the rope ladder they made and enter the lower level through the upstairs trap door. Mike offered to put windows in – you know, because we live in Florida and it’s HOT here all the time? No go. We had kids, of all ages, here all day today climbing in and around the tree house and adjacent trees … I seemed to be the only one that noticed that it was 87 degrees and humid. Who am I to argue with fun?

Last night, we did our weekly cleaning of the guinea pig cage. Scout -our nearly 12-year-old border collie, going blind and deaf, is still the ultimate herding dog. Here she is containing the pigs. She nudges them, licks them and sometimes even swats them with her paws, but they do what she wants. It’s kind of amazing to watch.

Stay-tuned for more frenzied activity as November creeps up . . .

One thought on “Gearing up for neglect . . .

  1. My daughter is doing NaNoWriMo Again this year. Last year she just did not have the time since they spent about 10 days away during Thanksgiving. Also, she grew tired of her story. LOL That is my daughter, a true scanner.

    I sure wish I could cook and clean, no really!, but this shoulder is feeling less ouchy now that I have let it rest for a few days. Doctor appt Tuesday.

    LOVE the tree house! I know my kids would have as well way back when. Well, unless there were bugs, then my daughter would not have liked it. Wasps or bees? She would never step foot in it!

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