And . . . we have lift off . . .

Andy has picked a Halloween costume! I can’t tell what it is, but it’s very fun, affordable and I’m pretty sure no one else on the block will be dressed in the same costume!

Mike has found a costume (thanks to me) that does not involve dressing up, makeup or wigs. He’s a happy camper.

Now, I need to figure out a Halloween costume for me. It’s still hot here, so I don’t want too much stuff or makeup. And, while I put the money aside each month to go get contacts again, something always comes up to eat that money. So I need a costume that will accommodate my thick glasses. Maybe I can be Mrs. Beasley? :::sigh::: No big deal, I’ve got the two main costumes figured out. Andy is over the moon with the idea of his costume. Cross your fingers I can figure it out.

The older boys are stacking movies on Netflix – scary movies. They’ll be watching scary movies and handing out candy.

2 thoughts on “And . . . we have lift off . . .

  1. Alexander…Percy Jackson…Orange t shirt from Target and the iron on transfer (saying camp half-blood) is made but not ironed yet. He will wear whatever pants he chooses.

    Sean –on Sunday I told him he had to make a decision so that I could make it this week. I also pulled down our handmedown costume box (some of Alexander's and some from cousins). Thank god he chose Spiderman costume (from Alexander 2005 and 2006). Alexander spent 10 minutes pouting that he was copying him and almost ruined me getting off so easy–I told him to knock it off. I had told Jay that we would get our money's worth from a purchased costume.

    Greek hero is happy and super hero is happy.

  2. Thick glasses=sexy librarian. Hot weather means an excellent opportunity to try any of Walmart's leotard-based sexy whatevers–sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy devil, sexy Pokemon…

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