Prayers needed!!!!

My dear friend Joys’ daughter, Amanda has had the flu all week. Yesterday, she ended up in the Emergency Department for some neurological problems. She will be going in for surgery at 1:30 (California time). Here is an email from Joy late last night:

Surgery tomorrow at 1:30 to drain the fluid in her brain (that is not draining b/c of the mass that is blocking the 4th ventricular area). They are going to set up some sort of drain at the third ventricle and going to try a biopsy during that scope.
It honestly doesn’t look good; I saw the pic. on the CT.
More prayers, thanks!

Please keep Amanda in your prayers. Also her parents, Joy and Colin and her siblings Maggie, Sean and Ian need your prayers as well. And, feel free to pass this request along to anyone you know who prays.

UPDATE: From: Joy Hall Thank you everyone for your amazing support and prayers. Current report as of 9pm (Sat.);she has a drain tube that was placed to help the fluid draining at her 3rd ventricle (this is very basic human language the med. term is long!); they were NOT able to do the biopsy. Sigh. So, unfortunately, we are in limbo until Tues. She is getting a craniotomy (back of her head) on Tues. I’m at home; C is there tonight.

I know all of you can only imagine how scared Joy and Colin are right now for their baby girl. Please, please keep praying. Ask others to pray for Amanda Hall and her family.

7 thoughts on “Prayers needed!!!!

  1. I'm so sorry, that seems very scary. Lots of love, prayers, and positive energy going to your friend and her family. Keep us posted.

  2. THANKS….I am on a family access computer in A's room right now. It's dark and quiet b/c she is sleeping; the slightest volume on the TV makes her head hurt.

    The doc. is baffled that she has more pain now than before the surgery; she should have felt some relief with the fluid drainage.

    We are looking at a four hour surgery on Tuesday (hopefully AM).

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