Can anyone explain?

Have you all seen the commercials for the bath tubs for people who are likely to fall and hurt themselves getting into a regular tub? Love the idea. But, how does it work? I refuse to admit how long I have been thinking about this. I’m grateful that the commercials show people wearing robes stepping into the tub through it’s side door.

But then what? Do you have to sit there all naked and shivery waiting for the tub to fill up? Because if you open the door, you’re going to flood the bathroom. And, if this is the case, after you sit and shiver hiking your robe ever higher as the water level rises, you finally sink into the nice hot water sans robe and warm up and relax, what happens when you want to get out of the tub? Do you have to sit there shivering and naked waiting for the water to snake out? Do you put your robe on in increments? What if you took a bubble bath – if you put your robe on in increments, it would be wet and bubbly and useless when you finally got out and most likely you’d be freezing your butt off.

Can someone help me out here? I don’t know why this is bothering me so much, but there it is . . .

8 thoughts on “Can anyone explain?

  1. ROFL! You've definitely put some thought into this, I can tell. We actually considered getting one of these because my son has such a difficult time getting into or out of the tub, but decided against it. I was worried that he'd have a seizure in the tub and I wouldn't be able to get to him without putting on a life jacket. So we just went with a regular tub and lots of grab bars. They don't involve me having to deal with my lack of swimming skills. ;-P

  2. I have wondered about this as well. Why not get a stall shower with nice bars and maybe a seat? Otherwise you are waiting for the tub to fill or empty. Weird. Face it, for most adults a tub bath is just not practical. Maybe a hot tub would be a better idea.

  3. My parents just put one of these in! I haven't asked my Mom how it works yet, but she was really excited about it. I think it will fill pretty fast, and they got an on demand water heater for the house so they can run hot water until the cows come home, or until they run out of propane! They also redid their shower and it does have a seat and two different shower heads, one that rains down from the ceiling and another that can come off and be held. It also can be rolled right into with a wheel chair if needed. The perfect bathroom for someone who doesn't want to ever go into a nursing home.

  4. Clearly you have given this tub a lot more thought than I have. (LOL) I hadn't thought about the freezing part on both ends of the tub time. That does seem pretty miserable. It seems like they would use about three times as much water too. What a waste. The shower with a seat and lots of grab bars seems like a better way to go. Thanks for thinking this through for me, Amy. Now when I get old I won't have to waste time considering this tub. ;o)

  5. My grandmother used to crank up the thermostat and the TV volume in corresponding increments, until I was not sure which I would succumb to first–the blood loss coming from my eardrums, or heat exhaustion.

    Is this tub targeted towards folks in her demographic? Nobody shivers when the thermostat is set to “Congo.” Just a thought.

  6. You are so funny. Your NaNoWriMo book should be a collection of all the things you need clarification on. You'd have your 50K in no time flat. 😉

  7. Erin, you MUST call your mother NOW and find out about her new tub! This is important stuff.

    Amy, yes, it appears to be targeted at the grandma/great-grandma generation. I think we might have a grandma in common based on your description. LOL nothing like sweating through a blizzard, huh?

  8. I'm pretty sure the Congo setting does away with the freezing aspect. And most of the grandma-types I know also have space heaters (the kind that brand your leg if you get too close – not those namby-pamby newfangled “safe” ones – these puppies put out the HEAT!)

    Or, maybe it's meant more to be a shower-stall kind of thing that *could* be a bathtub thing when the grandkids visit? I don't know.

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