It’s officially November . . .

I’m 7027 words into my latest bizarre book. So far I’m enjoying this years endeavor MUCH more than last year’s. The storyline is kind of weird, but the characters are cracking me up and that’s half the battle. (Yes, I do sit here late at night laughing at what I’m typing.)

Ian is joining me in the Nano writing challenge this year. He was typing furiously yesterday afternoon and I stuck my head in to see what direction his book was taking. He waved me off muttering something about a “whimsical sex romp.” Mike is going to be so pleased when he hears about this. :::sigh:::

Because it’s November, the rest of my family decided to leave their brains back in October. It’s almost like they WANT me not to abandon them. But, not really. It’s more like they want to see how far they can push me before I start throwing things at them. Needy. Needy. Needy. Fortunately, for them and for me, I anticipated this this year. The house was clean, clean, clean on October 31. Meals have been planned and some even pre-made. School has been diligently outlined and scheduled. The older boys are on alert that there are NO last minute laundry requests, NO last minute shopping or running around because they forgot something. So far, so good.

Friday we are heading to Daytona Beach. Ian’s big Christmas present this year is attending the annual Magic Convention there. I managed to score a really nice suite in the hotel where the convention actually is being held (as opposed to Mike and I trekking back and forth between the inexpensive hotel – which we really like – where we were staying last year to pick Ian up and take him back for various events). This year, I managed to get a rate close to the inexpensive hotel’s rate. We’ll have a full kitchen so meals are taken care of.

Daytona is definitely NOT even close to being my favorite beach. The main strip of Daytona always makes me sad. But it’s a beach and I love the beach. We’re not staying on a driving part of the beach, so that’s good. My brother has graciously offered to take Scout for the weekend at his house. He’s the only person outside of our immediate family that she doesn’t try to attack when we’re not around. One of Tim’s friends is going to come check in on the guinea pigs. It’s going to be nice to get out of town and away from the local pollen.

In other news, the garden is growing!!! We have baby tomatoes – not too many, it’s been really hot. We have big and little cucumbers, assorted squash-y looking things and baby peppers. I’ll get some pictures tomorrow. The sunflowers are bringing in the bees, which is great. We’ve been able to eat some of the lettuce we’re growing too. The fennel and chard are actually starting to look like real things I planted on purpose. It’s cooled off this week, so I am hoping the tomatoes, beets and onions start perking up a bit.

And, in garden-related, or not related, news. Remember that November 20 is Worldwide Overalls Day! Try ’em, you’ll like ’em!

2 thoughts on “It’s officially November . . .

  1. Hi Amy, thanks a lot for keeping the spirit, yes, people should really try it and most of them will not regret, I'm sure, I have suggested on my own blog that overalls made the default dress code !:)) see you in 12 days from now if not before! all the best from bibprofessor/Niels

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