Advice for husbands and sons . . .

that would be husbands and sons who wish to continue to receive hot meals, clean laundry and something beyond wire-barbed comments any time they say something.

If, you, the husband, come home and your wife is standing in the driveway waiting for the car keys: 1) Do not ask what’s for dinner 2) Do not ask “Are you just going to pick something up for dinner?” 3) Do not ask “Are you going out like that?”

Flags a husband should be aware of: 1) If wife is in the driveway waiting for transportation, odds are dinner is up to you. 2) If wife is in the driveway waiting for transportation after being trapped in a house with four boys all day, she’s most likely not heading out to pick up a home-style meal anywhere. EVER. 3) If you don’t often comment when your wife is dressed nicely, DO NOT comment when she’s standing the driveway, waiting for a vehicle in yoga pants and your 20 year old rugby shirt – bra optional. Really!!!

Let’s say this woman returns home after being away for a few hours. Husbands, sons, boyfriends around the world, PAY ATTENTION!!!!

1) Never look at a woman as she walks in the door and say “Did you get a haircut?” and then say nothing after.

2) Worse, never look at a woman as she walks in the door and say “Did you get a haircut?” and then say after a full minute, “It looks good.” Especially do not do this if you cannot meet the woman’s eyes and address the “looks good” comment to the doorjamb behind her head.

3) Kids/boyfriends are you reading? If you notice a haircut and you have any interest AND you want food, “Did you get your hair cut?” and then walking away is not a good way to go.

Gee, think I got a bad haircut this evening?

4 thoughts on “Advice for husbands and sons . . .

  1. I think, in that case, “did you get a haircut?” should get a “no.”

    there are very cute hats on etsy. and clippers in the bathroom cabinet. In case one of the boys needs a trim. while sleeping.

  2. The difference between a bad haircut and a good one is six weeks.

    You'll be recovering from the haircut while I recover from shoulder surgery.

    We should both feel a lot better by January.

    So is that you in the picture?


  3. Do you get “The Pajama Diaries” cartoon strip in your papers? The artist has done the past five days on coming home with a new haircut which is pretty funny and very true. I look at it on and get it in the Boston Globe every day.

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