I miss the beach already!

We spent this past weekend in Daytona. In a hotel. Full of magicians. Nothing quite like it. Ian had a blast. He got to hang out with some incredibly talented people and some other teens that share his interests.

There was NO WAY I was going in the water the high temperatures were only in the low 70’s and it was REALLY windy. So I bundled up like I was going to the Alaska shoreline and followed the boys to the water once Ian got registered at his conference. Tropical Storm Ida was out there somewhere over the weekend and Danny had some great waves for surfing. Danny was smart enough to wear a wet suit. Ian and Tim were oblivious to the cold water. They looked like all the other tourists from Wisconsin and Maine and Nebraska. I sat there with my knitting covering my legs, hood up on my ginormous sweatshirt, eating chips and enjoying the people-watching.

Mike drove over after work on Friday. Ian popped in and out of the room between lectures. He really thrilled to get a chance to meet and talk with Harry Anderson. (If you’re my age or older, you’ll remember him as the judge from the tv show Night Court.) Ian went on to the evening lectures, Mike, the other boys and I headed down to the firepit near the hotel pools. My idiot children were swimming in the very freezing pool while, at the same time, I was considering knocking a perefectly nice old man out of his chair to get to the warmest possible spot by the fire. Mike stopped me. Go figure.

We spent some time talking to a fun family from North Carolina before heading up to the room. Our room was a suite. One room was 2 queen beds, then a kitchen, then a living room with a pull out couch. Andy immediately decided to make a nest in the hall closet. Smart kid. Ian had plans to attend a midnight lecture featuring Harry Anderson and some other guy who is really good at this stuff. Everyone else crashed and I spent the evening sitting at the kitchen counter writing my increasingly terrible novel and listening to the ocean. Ahhhh . . .

Saturday was more of the same. The only downside was that the “full” kitchen the hotel touted did not include an oven. So much for the lasagna I’d made before we left home. We struggled through though . . . practically pioneers, we are!

Not too many pictures this trip … it’s hard to work the camera with my beach mittens on. The top picture is of the moon the first night we were there. It was truly the most amazing moonrise I’ve ever seen! It started out orange – we initially told Andy it was one of the gambling cruises you see out on the horizon. But the “cruise” kept getting bigger and was floating in the air after about 30 minutes of watching. Finally, it started looking moon-ish. But even at full height, it was the shape of an egg – crazy!

When we arrived home on Sunday afternoon, the garden had taken on a life of its own. The cooler weather seems to be agreeing with it. Here are the first of our cucumbers – they are now in the fridge becoming refrigerator pickles. There are a lot more that will probably be ready to eat by this weekend. The tomatoes are doing well, peas, beans and the lettuce too. It’s not quite as much fun as a puppy but, it’s pretty dang fun.

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