The downside to virtual school . . .

All of the older boys take their high school science classes through the Florida Virtual School or at the community college. Science is the subject I least like to teach as well as being my worst subject by far. I’ve been happy with the Biology and Chemistry classes at the Virtual School thus far.

Now, it appears we have “an issue.” I had an email on Sunday when we returned from the beach informing me that Ian’s most recent assignment had matched another student’s assignment 100% and his teacher had given him something called an integrity ticket. (What the heck, if you think he cheated, just say “Cheater! Cheater!” But, that’s neither here nor there for the moment.)

Now, I was right here when Ian did that assignment and I knew what he had written and I found it impossible believe anyone else on the planet would share his train of thought on this subject. At the time I was reading this email, Ian and Tim were off on a long bike ride.

When Ian got home I showed him the email and asked him about it. Tim was hovering around as well. We could not figure out what happened. Finally, we opened each of the boy’s computer folders for Chemistry. Weird twins I’ve got here. They had both done completely different things for the assignment. But what are the odds that they would name their files the exact same thing? Pretty dang good if you’re Ian and Tim, actually.

Ian attached Tim’s previously completed assignment instead of his own and turned it in. Still trying to get in touch with the teacher and get the stain removed from Ian’s integrity. Keep your fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “The downside to virtual school . . .

  1. Ack! It is on his “permanent record!” One of the down sides of the virtual school, it is still part of the public school. I hope you get it figured out with them!

  2. Oh, Bother! I hope this gets straitened out. I'm sure there must be a “twin-closeness” one time exemption they could use just this once. Good luck on that one!

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