I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the stupid football!

I just wrote about 5000 words for my novel – they are gone. Gone! Poof! Like they never existed. I’m so depressed right now – they were pretty good words, too. It’s too late, even for me, to start over. Tomorrow is a new day, right?


4 thoughts on “Wahhhhh!!!!!

  1. oooohhh. that s u c k s. I'm sorry. I make Julianna write in Google docs now b/c I couldn't take any more lost chapters, but you have to be online to do that, I think, which is kind of a pain. But ugh. just ugh.

  2. Oh no.
    SOOO sorry.

    I KNOW they were good words… your good words have kept me reading your blog for a long time now.



    A moment of silence.

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