My great husband, writing, computers and other random observations

Mike is the best husband. Having three older teens in the house and trying to keep track of them and keep them on track is wearing me far thinner than I would have thought possible . . . Mike, while he’s not here a lot, is not stoopid. He knows, I don’t think he understands, how much I love November and the whole NanoWriMo thing. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it’s something that I’ve grown to love.

As I was typing last night, I thought about how much faster I type on a keyboard than I did back in 8th and 9th grade when I was learning to type on a manual typewriter. It’s a wonder books got written at all … I have consigned myself to a sub-par class of wimps who would rather eat their own livers than write out a book long-hand or on a manual typewriter. As I was thinking about the manual typewriters, I was also thinking about how much time I can and do waste on the internet. I enjoy this time and maybe I come away marginally more informed, but dang, it’s a lot of time just gone.

Mike stepped in this weekend to handle the cooking and basic laundry essentials while I wrote. I managed 5000+ words yesterday and, while they may not be the content of the next great American novel, I had a lot of fun. Today, Mike took the boys to Downtown Disney for a Lego thing. Dan refused to go, but apparently Mike left him with instructions not to bother me either.

I confess, I didn’t write much. I moved things around and cleaned things that have been making me crazy for at least a year. I cleaned the bathrooms. I considered mopping, that counts, right? BUT, as I did these things, unencumbered by family, I was able to think things through and kind of make sense of them. Emphasis on “kind of.”

We’ll see, I’m off to type for an hour or so. I think it will make sense when all is said and done, but no promises.

2 thoughts on “My great husband, writing, computers and other random observations

  1. I love my alone time too. It's hard to come by in this house with only 3 people living in it . . . I can't imagine how scarce it is for you.

    I'm glad your NaNoWriMo is going good. Keep us posted.

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