Can I ask a favor?

I know many of you think the whole Nano thing is a weird way to spend a month of your life. But, I really love it. For me, it’s a chance to do something I love, even if I’m not that skilled, and when it’s done, it’s done and it’s mine and it’s not related to anything or anyone else. I think after so many years of homeschooling, it’s time I reclaim some things just for me.

So, in addition to this being important to me personally, I’ve also learned a lot about myself over the past three Novembers. One, I cannot think clearly when my family is floating around the house. I just can’t do it. Two, I will find whatever distraction I can to avoid sitting down to write, even when what I really want to do is sit down and write. It’s crazy. The house has to be picked up, the dishes done (or at least out of sight), the laundry going . . . I think it’s a form of mental illness, actually. A normal person can ignore a sink of dirty dishes every now and then, right? Three, my weirdness is dragging me down – I’m behind on my writing this week because of my insane need to get everything else done first. Dan and Ian are camping all weekend. I’m hoping with half of the kids gone, I can get a lot done this weekend – half the drama, half the noise, half the laundry and no need to find a vegetarian option for dinner – that’s several hours right there. Which leads me to my question for you?

For those of you who have blogs, may I browse your comments and borrow from them? If you have a blog that you’re hiding from me will you please share it with the group?
I won’t use any comments word-for-word or even in context and I certainly won’t use names, real or online – I think I’m incapable of doing that anyway, but here’s my promise. My book involves a blog and I’m hoping to use the comment section of the blog part of the book to boost my word count. It feels wrong to go to the many blogs I read to scan them for inspiration from the comment sections without asking permission. And, this book is going nowhere, it’s just something I want to do. If you have objections OR if it’s okay with you, please let me know via email ( or in the comment section.

Working title for the book? Split-Life Crisis. (But that’s just for today, it changes daily.)

7 thoughts on “Can I ask a favor?

  1. Sure! Only, most people come to my blog for information and rarely leave comments! If they DO comment it is to ask a question or clarify a point.

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