Let the frenzy begin . . .

Thus far, the only thing Andy seems interested in as far as potential Christmas gifts are, and I am SO not kidding, an Ove Glove and this.  Yep, that’s my average nearly 10 year old at work.  Look at his face as he runs through the house delighting in the Christmas lights and thoughts of donning on a set of Ove Gloves and doing the dishes?  (I messed with the colors a bit because he was so much of a blur as to look like a ghost with his blonde hair and pale skin)

I had been thinking Lego’s, but what do I know?

OK – that was my break.  I need to crank out just under 2800 words to finish my Nano novel.  Hope the holidays are unfolding in a more normal way at your houses.

3 thoughts on “Let the frenzy begin . . .

  1. Isn't Andy the same kid that wanted Santa to deliver a George Forman grill last year??

    I think you may have the coolest 10 year 0ld on the planet…

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