Why The Face?

Is anyone else watching “Modern Family?”  We like the show.  The first episode featured one dad talking about how “cool” he was and how he understood all of the internet abbreviations.  He mentioned a few and ended with WTF – WhyTheFace? Ummm … right.    We have overused WhyTheFace beyond belief since seeing this.

WhyTheFace?  I’m so over everything right now.  We don’t shelter our kids a whole lot, but we don’t just sit and mindlessly watch garbage either – well, we do sometimes, but only good garbage.  We work hard to give them information about people to admire who have had 100’s of years of proven accomplishments, rather than 1.5 years of fame. We talk often about accomplishment vs. fame.  We make them eat vegetables.  We make them shower (with soap and water and shampoo and all of that) on a daily basis.  We are doing the best we can, just like most parents.  But, it does not feel like enough.

We DO need the computer (you know, unless the whole world shuts down, then we won’t need the computer).  The boys have online classes.  Danny communicates with his college teachers via email and online chats.  I have my own issues, but I NEED the computer, if for nothing else, to pay the bills and keep track of the boys.  Lately, though, I’m thinking about going back to the quill and ink well.

WhyTheFace?  First, we have Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame.  We watch American Idol (well, the older boys shun it being cool and preferring bands that scream, but Mike and I watch).  I think Adam Lambert is a talented young man.  I got a huge kick out of watching him on AI and was looking forward to what he would do next.  I guess lucky for us we don’t watch the American Music Awards.  I awoke the next morning to find links to the video of his performance.  Ummm, hello?  8 pm music show?  His act was more than I would want to explain to a kid who is still up at 8 pm waiting for Taylor Swift.  Gah.  He’s gay, we get it – you go Adam.  No matter what your preference,  I don’t want to see anyone gay or straight simulating any kind of sex at 8 pm on network television. This is why God made HBO and other outlets.  And, that is WhyTheFace.

WhyTheFace? Next, Tiger Woods.  For heaven’s sake, Tiger Woods? Tiger Woods?  I’m so sad for his wife and his kids and for him too.  Yes, I count myself among the people who really thought he was who he appeared to be – wholesome, talented, and all of that.  Of course, I once thought the same of Michael Jordan.  Color me disappointed and sad for everyone involved.  (And, what the heck with these woman?  When did it become OK to publicize the fact that you are a slut? It’s Tiger Woods, it’s not like you did not know about him.  I feel sorry for these womens’ parents and for them as well.  15 minutes of fame buys you a reputation for a lifetime.)  I hope this story will die down quickly, but I doubt it will.  Again, that is WhyThe Face?

WhyTheFace? For now, I’m up.  We’re under a tornado watch and the last few tornadoes that hit Central Florida were sore close to our house.  I’m going to go paint some trash-picked chairs Mike and the boys have found recently.  While I paint, I will be listening for train-like wind noises.  Give me a hurricane any day. The WhyThe Face for now is because I am worried and I don’t have ruby slippers, Mike and the boys lack ruby slippers as well. (I’m such a slacker – we are footwear deprived here.)  And, to top it off, Scout refuses to answer to the name Toto.  We are so screwed.

(The chairs are nice chairs, just in need of some love.  At this rate, we’ll be able to sit the whole neighborhood in our driveway in another month – hooray!  Nuthin’ better than some fancy driveway seatin’!)

So, there’s the WhyTheFace update for us.  How about you?  What has you making faces these days?

6 thoughts on “Why The Face?

  1. Oh, Amy. I miss you! I actually dvr'd (?) Modern Fam at the beginning and say down and watched six weeks all at once. Pleasantly surprised. I really like it.

    We need to talk Brandied Pear soon, lady.

  2. I used Easy Grammar with the kids – it starts off teaching the 40 most common preps., then how to recognize them. (a prep. phrase begins with a [rep. and ends with a noun and NEVER has a verb in it.) See – some of it has stuck with ME after all these years!

  3. Jay used to serve Tiger whole wheat bagels with pb and j. That was his “usual”. I just don't get “this Tiger” as being “this other Tiger”. Come on people, why the face, control your urges.

  4. I love that show! Can't watch it when I have a cold, though, b/c it hurts to laugh.

    Why The Face? So, so many things. Can't even begin to start. But I'm lucky, b/c I have Zorak to make some witty jibe to pull me out of my Why The Face moments and put me back in the house, where the kids don't really need to hear me walking around muttering, “Face, Face-ity, Face-Face”. 😉

  5. I have never felt so old and uncool as I did when I watched the Adam Lambert thing. I was up for some reason and looking for something to watch. I ran across the Music Awards. The performance was Adam Lambert. I had no idea who he was (I don't watch AI) but I was horrified. I started making what, what, what sounds and sadly sounding just like my Mom many years ago as Madonna rolled around on the floor at some awards show. A horrifying experince all the way around!

  6. We have never heard of Modern Family. I will have to check it out on line.

    I watched Adam, and OMG! It aired here at like noon~! I turned it off. This is what we have become OK with on TV for our kids.

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