New month, new food!

Flip me a fish!  Arrrr!  Arrrr!

This month is a big grocery shopping month.  Lots of 50 lb bags of staples, lots of bulk meats and cheese.  We’re set for a good 6-8 weeks here.  Tonight, I repackaged cheese, meat and staples into usable portions.  I cooked about 10 lbs of ground meat and bagged it up for the freezer, I made three meatloaves and I also managed to get 12 hamburgers out of the deal.  I like having one night of a lot of work for a few weeks of quick meals. 

I also juggled in making four loaves of bread and I went nuts (found the bundt pan) and made a breakfast cake.  Why, you ask?  Because I have TONS and TONS of laundry to do.  Enough that I had to stay up late to get it all moving.  I knead (get it?  bread joke) to have something to do if I have to stay up.

The upside?  Quiet time to enjoy the Christmas decorations and some silence. The decorations are pretty this year. The laundry is nearly done.  Breakfast is made for the morning, no dishes/pots/pans necessary!  We have a week’s worth of bread and several weeks worth of meals in the freezer!  So, yes, I declare, I deserve a fish!  😉 

Now, to fight my urge to cancel school for the rest of the month . . . must persevere. 

5 thoughts on “New month, new food!

  1. AHA!! My missing bundt pan! It took a vacation to Florida!!

    No, seriously (Siriusly?), my bundt pan has gone AWOL.

  2. Really, so much cooking?! I don't know if I could ever. Wow.

    Now I know if I decide to pop in unannounced, you'd be able to feed me if nothing else, LOL.

    Get some rest.

    I too have been fighting the urge to cancel all classes. I mean what for? It's Christmas. 😉

  3. Everyone come on over – make it late morning, though, ok?

    JFS, truth be told, I never found MY bundt pan. I did find a great one at the thrift store for $2.

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