Bye, bye, my oven has died . . .

Go ahead, listen and sing along . . .

The stove/oven died a total and complete death this evening.  As per our 12 week span of Thanksgiving through mid-January another appliance has bitten the dust.  The freezer in the garage went not too long ago, why not the stove too?  We knew it was coming, but we thought the old girl had another couple of months in her.

So, now we have a shiny new stove.  Truly it’s beautiful.  We have a giant box, I smell Christmas gift.  And we are screwed again.  Gah! I’m finishing up the laundry and revising my Christmas shopping list as I type. 

I kind of heart the new oven, but I’m guessing the boys are not going to buy it as a family Christmas gift.  The box?  Potential there.  Maybe I can wrap up some sticks and call it good?

3 thoughts on “Bye, bye, my oven has died . . .

  1. Baby Boy does love boxes. You could probably get away with wrapping up that empty box around here.

    I hope you're enjoying the new oven. I heart shiny new appliances.

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