If anyone is looking for last minute gifts, I have a limited amount of ‘soap trios’ for sale right now.  These are not the soap trio’s I used to sell at The Foil Hat.  These are beautifully wrapped soaps, bound together with a strip of earthy corrugated cardboard and tied up with raffia that matches the paper in which the soaps are wrapped.  I have these because these are what I am giving as gifts to a lot of people (people who know me for real, don’t read!!!).  But, I have a hard time making things in moderation. 

Here’s the deal.  You get a wrapped gift of three bars of long lasting, 70% olive oil/100% vegetarian soaps.  Really, they’re very pretty.  For your $18, I will send you the lovingly made and wrapped soap and I will  even toss in the shipping!  I will take orders until the 18th.  The first round of orders will ship on Monday morning via UPS.  If you need to use USPS, there will be an extra charge, just email me (

The trios (I’m sorry, no substitutions – with the limited amount of soap I’m making ubstitutions just does not work.) :

Trio One – The Bestsellers!
Rosemary Mint – slightly scrubby, herbal blend.  Great wake-you up soap!
Pink Sugar – a warm vanilla scent that appeals to men and women alike.  This is s dark brown soap because of the high vanilla content.
Clean – a crisp, clean scent that will have you wondering, “Where I have I smelled that smell and why does it make me so happy?” 

Trio Two – The Seasonals
Apple Jack and Peel – a cheery red soap that exudes warmth and coziness.  As the name implies, there is a hint of apple, a twinge of orange peelings and some cinnamon to bring it all home.  Even teachers, who get apple-everything over the holidays, like this one.
Frosted Snowdrop – this soap is full of that fresh blast of air (and how it smells) when you are out walking in flurries or a full-blown storm.  It’s fresh and refreshing at the same time!
Frankincense – Yep.  The Wise Man soap.  It’s masculine but not too macho. This is one of those soaps I always think I don’t like, but then am surprised when Mike puts it in the shower.  I really DO like it!  Fun stuff.

Trio Three – The Food
Awesome Almond – Yum … delicious warm almond scent surrounding you every morning or every night as you shower.  If you like almonds, you’ll love this.  Go ahead, I know you feel like a nut!
Chocolate Indulgence – what else do I have to say?  It’s chocolate.  It’s delicious.  If you’re really feeling like a nut, use a bar of Chocolate Indulgence in one hand and a bar of Awesome Almond in the other.  It’ll be like trick or treating nekkid.
Malabar Peppercorn – this is one of those “you-have-to-try-it” scents.  It sounds crazy – who wants to shower with pepper, but the smell is truly intoxicating.  You won’t be sneezing.  In fact, you’ll take your shower and then drag the bar of soap out to your kitchen to sniff it next to your pepper shaker.  And, they’ll smell the same and you’ll scratch your head and wonder why you so enjoyed your shower because it sure didn’t seem like taking a shower with pepper! 

Trio Four – Power Soaps
Dragon’s Blood – Do I really need to say anything else? It’s a dark brown soap with red “confetti” and if you call it Dragon’s Blood, the most resistant little boy in the world will use it at least once with great gusto!
Down by the Shore – Hands down, my favorite soap smell.  It IS the beach.  Salt, sand, and wind (wind has a smell, right?)  This soap is a pretty aqua color with crispy white waves floating through it.
Scrubby Gardener’s Soap – rough and rugged and it smells like a really nice-smelling hippy!  Lemongrass, anise, patchouli and cloves round out this soap chock full of scrubby goodness.  Poppy seeds, Anise seeds, corn meal and a dash of  Rosemary leaves makes this the perfect gardener, hunter, fisher and/or mechanic’s soap.  It’s also just great for us regular folk. 

I don’t have a lot of these – 50 sets, tops.  I will update this link to keep you posted if you’re interested.

If you’re not interested, thanks for dropping by!  We’ll return to our regularly scheduled weirdness tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Soaps!

  1. So, Amy, I'm almost afraid to ask… Do I need to stock up as if for Armageddon here? Or will there be more later? I don't want to take too many, but I'm always afraid that if/when I run out that's *it* and then I get a little panicky thinking about it.

    I'll just go hold my breath while I wait to hear.

    Thank you, Mme. Genius Soapmaker.

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