The Ghost of Christmas ???

Not sure what you would call this ghost.  The Ghost of Christmas in My Mind?  The Ghost of Christmas Delusions?  I think I’ve crossed a line this year . . . We all knew it was only a matter of time.  I just thought it would come later rather than sooner.

I am CERTAIN that the boys have tipped, if not crashed entirely, the Christmas tree over the past four days and reassembled it badly before I got home.  As they are old enough to leave at home for long stretches, and also old enough to gauge my reactions to this sort of thing, I can get neither confirmation nor denial.  I’m clinging to my sanity here.

As I sat in the quiet late, late last night, I looked at the Christmas tree.  I had resigned myself to chaos and color and all of that.  But, the tree was not right.  There were ugly ornaments in the front that I never would have allowed to live in the front of the tree for over a week – not that I would kill a helpless ornament, but the ugly ones that have no meaning do just fine facing the back wall.  The funky paper chain garland was totally askew and weird.  The tinsel, no longer shimmery and cool-looking, looked like I had run used tin foil through a shredder and then wadded it up into balls and tossed it around the tree.

Before going to bed, I actually paced up and down in the hallway (no need to wonder, we only have one real hallway – if you’ve been here, it’s the West Wing Hall) pondering exactly HOW Mommy Dearest it would be to wake up the entire family and demand to know what happened to my tree.  Lucky for everyone, it was TOO Mommy Dearest, even for me.  But, I cannot quite let it go.  I’m heading into Baby Jane territory folks. If you see me wandering around with random eyeliner pencils, stop me and have me committed.

I did ask everyone about the tree this morning; no one is confessing.  The four brothers are standing shoulder to shoulder, mouths sealed shut.  Mike swears he knows nothing.  I am not fooled. They are all working against me.  I’m guessing I’m going to be 80 before I know what actually happened to the tree.

OK – off to bed to wait for the Ghost of Christmas Laundry Ne’er Done or something like that. Consider yourselves warned.

My hat is off to them in a way – whatever happened, they saved my beloved Belleek Christmas tree topping star.  For that alone, I will continue to feed them.

8 thoughts on “The Ghost of Christmas ???

  1. The “Ghost of Christmas Laundry that multiplies while you sleep” visited me 2 days ago. Yesterday I did at least 6 loads of laundry, folded all of it plus some backlog clean clothes and this morning I was silly enough to count how many loads I have left (it is a version of name that tune that I play) and I still have 6 loads of laundry left plus I could strip the beds and wash sheets.

  2. Amy, I'm glad I'm not the only one whose kids fear her wrath so much they'll reassemble items and whistle while scuffing the dirt… 😉

    Deana, I literally laughed out loud at your Guinea pig comment. I believe I just found my latest FB update!

  3. Ishkabible did it! OR so that is who my kids blame.. By now Ish should have a bad hip, bad eyes, and need a walker at the least. She has been around for 3 generations.

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