Forget losing socks in the dryer . . .

Why am I finding random clothing, girl’s clothing no less, in my wash?  This is not unusual during hot weather.  With beach trips and swimming around the neighborhood, it’s not strange for someone to leave their wet things in my car or the house.  This time of year, it’s kind of weird.  Two weeks ago, I found a small girl’s t-shirt.  Today, a pair of wee tiny Gap shorts – size 4, I think. 

I asked the boys.  They all shrugged it off.  Danny looked at the clothes on the dryer and said “Girl-that-is-a-friend would never ever wear that, much less leave it here.  And, even if she did leave it here, do you think I would be stupid enough to put the clothes in the laundry?  Give me some credit!”  Hmmm … he has a point. And, he’s right, the clothes are not this girl’s style at all.

Tim?  “You’ve met girl-that-is-a-friend’s dad, right?  Aside from the fact that she’s way too tall for those clothes, he would never let her out of the house in shorts that short.”  Hmmm . . . the boy has a point.  This girl’s dad has made it clear from day one that he had no qualms about squashing Tim like a bug if he made one wrong move.  And, the girl in question is tall and athletic, I can’t imagine her fitting into these clothes. 

Ian just cracked up when I asked him, by now all of us were in the kitchen.  “Think about it, Mom.  If I had a girl over here, got her to leave her shirt and shorts so you could wash them don’t you think I’d have been running around telling everyone?”  And, he would have been. 

Andy came at me with his sock theory.  He figures it’s just like socks disappearing in the dryer.  For now, I have to agree with him.  If your teenage daughter recently arrived home in her underpants missing a tiny light blue t-shirt and some wee shorts, let me know. 

In the meantime, I think I”ll play Cinderella with any girl who comes within 50 yards of the house.  I’m going to make her try on the clothing. When the girl who fits into this clothing finally appears, I’m going to stuff her into my dryer and send her back from whence she came. 

(And, yes, I think it’s weird, but I have a hard time figuring out a dire scenario given our house, our neighborhood and our lives in general.  There are just too many people, eyes and mouths for big scandals, at least within proximity of my laundry room and that is as far as my brain will allow me to travel right now.)

5 thoughts on “Forget losing socks in the dryer . . .

  1. First the tipped treee scandal and now the girlie clothes…. I think they're trying to drive you over the edge….(play twilight zone music now)

  2. There is a smallish girl in another dimension of Earth out there missing some clothing! Poor thing. Maybe she found some mismatched socks?

  3. Could they somehow be Jesse's? REALLY small… she's 7 but a size4-6 — it's a stretch but…..

    I'm soooooo bummed about the puppy and the bunnies (more the bunnies) save it 'til next year… PULLLLLeees!

    Love you,

    Just home from playing in 22″ of snow in D.C.!!!!

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