The horror of gingerbread

0Last night, Andy had two friend spend the night.  After spending over an hour spotting Christmas lights with Mike, they came back here.  Early in the afternoon, I baked the skeleton of a gingerbread house.  The boys arrived ready to decorate.  Oh my.  For some reason, I thought the older boys would be off doing their own things. Of course not.  They helped decorate the house.  Six boys running on pure sugar.  Woo hoo.  Nothing like a well executed plan, huh?

I had the boys decorate the gingerbread house while the pieces were flat on the table.  This afternoon, I spent a LARGE amount of time cementing the walls into house form.  It was fun.  I was surprised by the boys’ restraint and dedication during the decorating phase. Maybe not to my taste, but they each had a plan and they were all true to their plan.

So, after “gluing” the walls together for a few hours and then adding the roof and letting that dry for a few hours, I thought I could move the house to the premier location in our house.  And, that plan went horribly, sadly wrong.

Sad and horrible.  Truly.  And, I live in a mean family.  They will never let me live this down. 

I walked just a few steps and it just collapsed! Good news?  No big pieces actually broke, so we’ll try again tomorrow.  Provided I get off the the floor sometime soon.

7 thoughts on “The horror of gingerbread

  1. I recently spent a while in the fetal position, after smashing my babies' adoption party cake onto the van floor, 2 minutes after picking it up from the bakers. Yeah, I feel your pain.

    But please show us pictures after you have a MUCH BETTER DAY tomorrow. 😉

  2. This is why hot glue is such a wonderful choice to put things together.

    Who took the picture of you when they should have been comforting you and offering you chocolate and hugs?

    And to add insult to injury, my word recognition is 'cysts'.

    Something you don't need.

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