Still Festivus here . . .

Hope you all had a great Festivus.  Nothing like gathering around the pole and airing your grievances and diving into the physical challenges.  Very cleansing holiday. 

Today was cut-out cookie day with the neighbors.  Fun stuff.  It amazes me how each kid has their own approach to cookies.  We had fewer kids than I thought (each year is kind of a hit or miss thing), but it worked out great.  Mike had a brilliant idea a couple of days ago to get a 6′ x 3″ dowel from Lowe’s and cut it into kid-sized rolling pins.  I labeled them all with each kid’s name and will save them in the cookie cutter box for future years. This saved us a ton of time and each kid was in charge without having to pass around the monster rolling pin I normally use.  One of the pluses to living in Florida is that when the kids get restless while cookies bake, they can run around outside without even bothering about shoes.  Once the excess energy is worn off, they come back in, wash their hands and start all over again. 

In talking with the moms while the kids cut and decorated, I figured out the mystery of the random girl’s clothing in my laundry.  One of the mom’s (a wee thing) sent Andy home a few weeks ago with a bag of clothes she no longer wore but thought might fit me (flattering and wildly ambitious).  Andy tossed the bag in the general direction of the washer and dryer and never thought about it again.  Fun part?  Tim was not home when we figured all of this out.  I will continue to hound Tim about random girl’s clothing in my dryer until the end of time. 

In other news, the gingerbread house has been reconstructed – pictures tomorrow.  My mom painted the most beautiful Christmas card this year – again picture tomorrow.  Cookies are made.  Presents are mostly wrapped.  I think I’ve finished everything.  I’m editing the Christmas newletter right now and then it’s off to bed. 

Merry Christmas!  Here’s a video to one of my favorite Christmas songs.  It’s a clever, silly video, great song. 

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