Merry Christmas – the post-game show . . .

Well, if you celebrated Christmas, I certainly hope you had as much fun as we did.  I hate that my sister and her family don’t live close.  I am lucky that my mom, dad and brother are here in town.  We met up at my folks’ house on Christmas Eve.  We always do and it’s always so much fun.  My mom makes the best vegetable soup in the world (and, sadly there is no recipe, it’s one of those hit or miss things) and we eat that, sandwiches and pounds and pounds of cookies and chocolate.  Later on, we open gifts.  For the boys it was always a big deal to open a gift from Bing and Pap, a gift from Uncle Matt and one gift (invariably pj’s) from me and Mike.  The adults open all of their presents.  Each year, it seems that one of us hits on the perfect presents.  This year, hands down it was my brother.  For Dan, the funkiest ukulele you have ever seen was his gift.  For Ian, the Magic Ian, a weighted felt derby with instructions on how to juggle and manipulate the hat.  Two boys gone and lost in their own worlds  . . . Tim received a digital microscopic video camera – sorry, no clue how it works, but it’s got huge GROSS potential.  Finally, Andy received a monster box of mini-lego sets.  The angels are still singing. 

Boys distracted, we spent the evening opening gifts, largely books, and talking and laughing and laughing and talking.  Sometimes we stopped to eat a little more.  Finally, we headed home.  I had a lot of wrapping to do and the boys seemed to “get” it and they headed right to bed to play with their new toys.  I wrapped and watched White Christmas and then A Christmas Story and basked in the quiet.  Christmas Eve day had been fairly warm and all of our windows were open.  As I sat and wrapped, I was getting chillier and chillier.  Finally, I finished up my work, closed the windows around the house and headed to bed. 

Christmas morning came all too soon.  The rule is the boys can get their stockings and eat and play with whatever is inside of them until Mike gets up, which is generally before 8.  The morning was gray and wet and cold.  Mike got up, and let me know my minutes of sleep were numbered.  Waaahhhh.  Here’s a picture of Danny.  Clearly he could have waited a few more hours for Christmas to begin as well!

Here’s another picture . . .  can you guess that Mike and Andy are the coffee drinkers in this family?  Look at them all warm and toasty and happy.

I was up before nine and paper flew and everyone seemed happy with their gifts.  As the day progressed, I relaxed in the knowledge that they WERE happy with their gifts. 

We had bagels, lox and champagne/oj and traded things to admire. Mike and I finally got up and got into gear. The cold chilly morning had turned humid and hot.  We broke down and put on the a/c.  Within 20 minutes, I was freezing and wearing one of Mike’s huge sweatshirts – you just can’t win! 

We enjoyed a great lunch of grilled turkey, tortilla soup, lots of bread and rolls, cookies, candies and savory snacks as well.  It seems so silly, but I truly love having everyone here and just sitting and talking and eating and talking some more.  Though we all live within close proximity of each other, we don’t do this too often. 

I think some of it is timing – we start over again this week with Ian and Tim’s birthday on New Year’s Eve!  We’re once again hosting a NYE party.  Once again, we don’t know who will be attending . . . sigh.  Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, it’ll be fun.  If you’re in the area, you’re invited!  Really.  Just come.  Bring whatever your kids like to drink and whatever you like to drink and come hungry.  Ian’s got a fabulous magic show planned for around 7:30/8:00. 

OK – enough documenting my life to the point of making other people’s eyes roll back in their heads . . .

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