My mom has all of the good pictures!

But, I will forgive her because 1) she’s in NC visiting my sister and her family and 2) it was my kids that put the pictures on my mom’s camera . . .

For now, you will just have to imagine a 9-year-old boy who has reached Nirvana.  Yes, it’s not just a rumor, Andy received a pair of Ove Gloves for Christmas from my parents.  So, since Christmas Day we’ve all been awakened by the dreaded Ove-Glove shake – those little rubber patches are cold first thing in the morning!  Andy, in full kitchen gear – meaning he’s wearing the Ove-Gloves and his pajamas and sometimes carrying around his morning cup of coffee – wanting to know what he can put into the oven for us for breakfast and how quickly he should pull it out of the oven again.  So far, we’ve been eating a lot of toast.

This afternoon, as I flopped like a dead fish on the couch waiting for the good allergy medicine to kick in, Andy sat next to me and explained in GREAT detail how any loser can build with Lego’s.  It takes a true genius to, you guessed it, build Lego’s while wearing Ove Gloves.  (It’s OK, I kind of wanted to beat him up too.)

To top it off, I gave Mike his late Christmas present. A little fire-pit thing.  It’s ideal for Florida and the timing ended up being good too — we’re in the middle of a cold snap here.  Andy is our go-to-guy when it comes to hauling hot coals and tossing hot dogs wrapped in foil into the basin.  The child is a monster with his Ove-Gloves — never mind the remote-control airplane, the excellent Nerf gun, or any of his other cool Christmas gifts.

All I can say is that we’ve never denied that he’s a kid that marches to his own drummer.  It’s not like I can point to the rest of the family (myself included) and say that we’re all normal, right? Why should we expect more from him?

If you have a need for large quantities of toast, please call us.  Andy will be happy to assist you.

6 thoughts on “My mom has all of the good pictures!

  1. Effectively combining Legos and the Glove are impressive, but the real question is…does he remember to take off the Glove before blowing his nose? I'd need to know this before I try his toast.

  2. OMG, we have an Ove GLove. It is the coveted glove of choice among the kitchen crew.

    But what really stuck w/ them is that it doesn't work if it gets wet. So, water is their nemesis. Everything carries with it the potential to wet the Ove Glove! Watch out! That pan has liquids in it! They'll jump out and dampen your Ove Glove and then where will you be, huh?!?!?

  3. LOL Kaaren – he specifically requested the Ove Gloves over Lego's. Told you he was odd.

    Deanna – Andy is all about hygeine.

    Dy – lol on the liquids. Andy has been telling us this since Christmas Eve. Who knew?

  4. But did he get the perfect brownie pan or the edges brownie pan to go with it? I got the (well Jay did) edges brownie pan. I guess we need an ove glove to go with it.

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