No … really. Just no.

We don’t fly often..  If it’s going to come down to scanning my underpants, I will learn to enjoy driving with my family more.  Look at that picture!  I get grossed out by people taking their shoes off and putting them in those little bins that just go round and round to hold more and more shoes.  Blech.  I don’t care if it is a 10 second scan or a 10 minute scan – I don’t want to see it.  I don’t want to be seen.  Yes, I want to be safe if I’m flying.  But ewwwwww . . .  if they put these scanners in everywhere, I think the people that have to watch the screenings should get a big raise.  Talk about a libido killer.  As for me, I’ll walk or drive or row, thank you very much.

7 thoughts on “No … really. Just no.

  1. We went through Dulles a couple of weeks ago and they weren't using theirs. I said at the time, “You should get combat pay if you have to monitor that thing.” As if flying weren't dehumanizing enough.

  2. ha,ha! One of Ian's kids is transfering next month. He is trying to talk the Navy into letting him take a ship back! He told Ian he will pay for it out of his pocket.

    If things keep up we may be taking a row boat home!

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