Brrrrr ….

It’s cold, cold, cold here.  Down to 28 tonight!  We are not equipped for this kind of cold. Yikes!

The house is back to pre-holiday state.  Usually, I’m happy to pack up the Christmas stuff.  This year, I’m kind of sad to see the twinkly lights go.  Today we hit the library, the grocery store, the office supply place and I think we’re good to go for the second half of the school year.  Honestly, I could use another week – I still have some books I’d like to read and a few stashed away cookies I’d like to eat while reading.  But, it’s not to be.

While running errands today with Tim, Ian and Andy, a woman approached us and actually made a “tsk-ing” sound and glared at me and said “And, WHY are they not in school?”  I glared right back (the way a deer glares right back into headlights) and Tim jumped in and said “We’re homeschooled.”  “Well, that would explain it,” the woman said.  Not sure what that meant, but okay.  As we walked off, Tim and Ian let me know that they knew this woman from Scouts.  (In my best teenage girl impersonation) Whatever!  Honestly, who would march up to a group of kids accompanied by their parent and demand an answer to such a question?  If I were faster on my feet, I would have said “Swine flu,” coughed in her direction and been done with it.  

I’m trying to get excited about restarting Latin and Shakespeare and the Great Depression, but my enthusiasm seems to be lost.  Maybe in the morning? I think Andy and I might make tomorrow an art and music day.  That always cheers me up. On the upside, we DID get new pencils, pens and even a stapler today.  I do love me some office supplies!  Oh, I didn’t mention the fresh new paper – wide and college ruled.  Ahhhhhh . . .

Wish us luck tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Brrrrr ….

  1. That's what I need – a trip to the office supply store! Yes!

    We have been approached by the most ridiculous people, asking the most inane questions, and actually expecting responses. James is getting good at winging responses. He's just not so good at letting me know what he said so our stories match up. 😛

  2. Don't you just love annoying people?My kids always jump in and announce they are homeschooled before I can ever think of a quick come back.I think I might just borrow your “swine flu” idea if I ever get a chance to reply.

  3. I love the swine flu comment! I wish I thought fast on my feet. Unfortunately I wouldn't think of a witty comment like that until I was in the parking lot. Now I already have the comment though so I am ready!
    Update on the old person tub!!!
    Yes, you do have to just sit there while it fills up. This bothers my Mom. They have an on demand hot water heater and it is set low at 120 degrees. Because of this she has to have only the hot water running to fill the tub and it takes a long time. Her solution is to go and raise the temp of the water heater so she can run the hot and cold water so the tub fills faster. I don't think she has figured out the proper temp just yet, but when she does I'll let you know. Just in case.

  4. Mmmm, office supplies!

    I bought 8 compositions books at Target last week for 87 cents each. It was like Santa came twice this year!

    I hate it when things like that happen and I don't think of my saucy response until later. Which in the end is probably better, but still it would be fun to get the zinger out once in a while.

  5. Oh, yes, thanks to Erin on the old folks tub mystery . . . solved.

    I heart the office supply store oh so much. It's my favorite place to go and I could spend several people's paychecks in there and still not be done, LOL.

    You definitely inspired me. Next time I get a sideways glance during school hours, I'm going to cough and mumble . . . swine flu. 😉

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