It’s Cold!!!!

Really and truly, it’s cold here.  Yes, I know, I normally whine about the heat, but it’s cold.  And, it’s Florida and cold does not work in Florida.  Sure, we’re all gung ho about temps in the 40’s – time to build a fire outside and make some hot-buttered rums and talk about when we all lived “up north.”  But when the temps are dropping consistently for over a week into the low 30’s and even high 20’s, we draw the line.  Capris and wool socks are a fun look for less than a day.  We are freezing our butts off – it’s actually supposed to get cold and wet enough tomorrow that we’ll see snow flurries.  HELLO!!!!  We’re in Orlando.  I would be so ticked off if I was paying and staying at one of the Disney resorts right now.  Dan and Mike spent  the better part of the early morning scraping ice off of their windshields with their YMCA cards.  Did I mention we live in Orlando?  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.  I want to speak with Al Gore – now.  Surely, he can explain this.

Because it’s cold, I’ve been channeling my inner-Pittsburgh girl and cooking for bitter temperatures.  Pork/sauerkraut with mashed potatoes and applesauce (best meal ever in the whole wide world); chicken pot pies; stuffed peppers; baked potato soup; cinnamon buns for the morning . . . so now we’re cold AND fat (but pretty damn happy too). 

Last year, I knitted several awful hats.  We’ve all taken to wearing them around in our efforts not to die of cold (no, I do NOT exaggerate!).  Strange . . . if I wear a hat for several hours, I have crazy-straight hair!  Same for Ian.  Tim, Andy and Dan – eh, not so much, their hair looks normal.  I wonder, if when the heat comes back, I can stand wearing a hat to bed?  Probably not.  I’ll enjoy the straight hair while it’s cold enough for me to wear a hat. 

We’re back to a normal-ish school schedule.  It’s weird, Dan pretty much works on his own these days.  He asks for help when he needs it, but mostly, he’s a free-agent.  Ian and Tim are close to being free-agents as well, but we still have our weekly meetings to keep up with their various subjects.  Andy, pity the fourth child, is my new focus.  He’s being nice about it so far, but I don’t know that it will last.  I’ve actually looked at joining a co-op or something to get Andy involved with other kids.  But, that would mean I have to get involved with other moms.  I like other moms, but my past co-op experiences have not been positive.  I’m kind of a runs-with-scissors mom.  For now, I’m just thinking about things.  (cue Jeopardy music)  Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “It’s Cold!!!!

  1. It's too cold here too . . . 21 degrees. The coldest it's been in almost 20 years.

    I do enjoy a little winter every now and again, but this is frankly ridiculous!

  2. It was 8 degrees here this morning. Waaaaay too cold for central Arkansas.

    “But, that would mean I have to get involved with other moms.” – I am so tracking your vibe on this one.

  3. You really should ask him. He will have an answer, the problem will be your ability to understand him. Remarks such as yours are banal and trite. A homeschooler??? Yikes.

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