How ’bout this weather, huh?

Let’s face it weather is a common topic among folks who do not know each other very well.  It’s something we all share and, when in doubt, it’s an ice-breaker.  Here, under my foil hat, sometimes I’ll use weather or (VERY rarely) politics as a means of blogging.  Both, particularly in the way I use them, are trite/banal/not terribly original.  Oh well.  This is a blog about my day-to-day life raising (and, yes, homeskooling) four boys.  Sometimes life/my thoughts/my writing is banal/trite (I like it better as banal/trite, it almost sounds like something nutritious, doesn’t it?).

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I welcome comments and opinions that challenge my own.  There are many regular readers here that don’t mind telling me to look at things a different way and/or just burn the Ayn Rand books.  And that’s fine.  I know who they are and I still love and admire them.  There’s nothing wrong with honest face-to-face disagreement.  In general, though, I don’t seek argument here.

My goal is to serve as a beacon to people who still think potty-training/learning/whatever-it-is-now or time outs or chore charts are the ultimate parenting challenge. They’re not – those things are just warm ups for dealing with older kids.  I thought I was home-free the first trip to the grocery store that I did not have to buy diapers.  I was wrong.  I’m sharing the good, the bad and the ugly about life with older kids.  On my best days, I aim to give people a “I’ll never do that” low to avoid on their own journey.  (Did you guys like the beacon thing? I kind of did.  Beacon sounds a lot like Deacon without all of that church stuff . . .)

As far as homeskooling goes, eh.  It’s not for everyone.  Even for the people it really is “for,” you’re going to have some down time.  We’re into our tenth year.  We’ve been up, down, under the table, you name it.  Come on over, meet my kids.   Talk to them.  They are edumacated, civil and open-minded.  They love to argue – especially when they do not agree with me.  And, I’ll give them credit, they know how to argue.

Anyway, I’ve changed the template to the blog again (sorry, I get restless!) and I’ve changed the comments section.  By all means disagree with me but at least have the balls to leave a name.  In the meantime, I will be here studying up on how best to question and understand Mr. Gore should he make my neighborhood a priority in his travels.  I think if I make a lot of note cards and write on my palms and wrists I can muddle my way through an interview. I’m gonna try real hard.

Stiltus est sicut stultus facit.

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10 thoughts on “How ’bout this weather, huh?

  1. Aw man, I thought this was going to be a naughty post, since I got the “The blog may contain adult content.” I was all “wocka-chicka!” Sigh.

    global warming does not preclude cold winters, btw. :O)

  2. Why the adult content warning.

    When I saw it I couldn't click in fast enough.

    Sorry about the smelly troll. I liked your blog about the weather.

    I also like the new template.

  3. Ooooo, I usually read your blog in a reader, but today I clicked on The Real Thing (because bloglines is acting wonky) and got a CONTENT WARNING! How exciting!

    If I talk about potty-training and diapers and Ayn Rand and Al Gore and have a sentence in Latin all in the same post can I get a CONTENT WARNING on my blog too?

  4. Someone much wiser than anonymous once said, “Follow the money.”

    If Algore weren't in the carbon offset business while simultaneously leaving a carbon footprint the size of Lake Erie, he might have a little more credibility.

    We don't even have to go into the recently released information where they made the “facts” fit all the hype.

    Now. Where's the adult content? I got all excited for nothing??

  5. Oh, Amy. I love your blog. It's so funny and witty and clever and even when you're just going on about your life, it's a fun read.

    Don't let a silly little troll diminish your self worth.

    I've had anonymous commenters leave all sorts of ugly garbage on my blog. (Just imagine it . . . homeschooling . . . an only child . . . gay parents . . . and mixed race to boot . . . the possibilities are endless!)

    I just liberally use my delete key. People are more than welcome to disagree with my opinions, lifestyle, or whatever color background I'm rocking at the time . . . just do so civilly and with respect.

    I mean seriously, name calling. How unimaginative. That person obviously wasn't homeschooled.

  6. (((everyone))) Thanks. The troll thing is weird and I let it get to me.

    Sorry about the adult content thing – not sure how I did that and I'm sorry to disappoint you all. I'll try to find something incredibly adult and then Deana will have a chance to use her funky music.

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