Brrrrr . . .

I know everyone is cold, but I’m really, really, really cold. Mike, who has somehow managed to retain his this Buffalo blood is never cold, he keeps turning the heat down! My Pittsburgh blood thinned about 20 seconds after I moved to Florida – I keep turning the heat up. It’s fun.

Our neighborhood looks like a camp of disaster survivors this weekend. I can only think of two neighbors who own heavy coats. The rest of us are wandering around in layers and blankets and ridiculous outfits. It’s kind of sad, kind of funny.

The kids and their friends are all Florida kids. They’re not used to being forced inside for extended periods of time. Today we ended up with a bunch of teen-aged boys wearing shorts/snuggies/hats and all kinds of weird clothing sitting in the kitchen playing poker. They’re all nice kids. They treat me like I’m still taller than they are (*snort*) and I appreciate that. And, they will eat ANYTHING. I cleaned out my entire fridge this afternoon. It’s fascinating in a gross kind of way.

But, if you were just listening in on my kitchen today, you would have thought we were hosting a Beavis and Butthead Convention. Seriously, there is something about all of those newly deep voices talking and laughing and teasing each other that sounds so ridiculous if you’re on the outside. They might be giant-sized, but they are so much still little boys. It was only a couple of years ago I would lift any of them up onto my kitchen counter to clean a scraped knee or pull a splinter. Now, just about any of them could toss me clean over my roof (this is why I feed them). Crazy.

In my efforts to balance my testosterone-soaked world, I curled up on the couch to knit and watch “girl” tv. Oh my . . . Bridezilla? Where do they find these people? I can’t judge really. I sat there and watched and knitted and gaped for over two hours. Boys and men have absolutely NO interest in this show so it was a pretty peaceful two hours – it’s like male bug spray. What amazed me the most was the willingness of the men on the show to go through with the wedding after witnessing such incredibly ugly, insane behavior on the part of their fiancees. Do they really think it’s going to improve? It was kind of sad.

Later in the evening, we watched The Bad News Bears. Oh my again. I was 11 when this movie was released and I remember being mad that I was not allowed to go see it. Well, now I know WHY I was not allowed to see it. The language is pretty rough. No way could they make this exact movie today – talk about politically incorrect. And, of course, Andy sat through the whole thing with me interjecting “You are NEVER to say anything like this EVER!” It was kind of fun to watch through the kids’ eyes, though. They picked up on weird things – like how small everything on the tables in a McDonald’s scene was. Tiny hamburgers, short sodas, tiny fries. Another thing they noticed was the lack of helmets and/or seatbelts throughout the movie. Mmmm… Mike and I would not have noticed if they had not been there. The final scene, where Walter Matthau hands out beers to his little league team had the kids on the floor howling.

I hope you are all warm and cozy and WARM. I’m thinking about asking Mike and the boys to knock out a wall and install a fireplace tomorrow if it doesn’t warm up. Good plan, don’t you think? 😉

7 thoughts on “Brrrrr . . .

  1. It's so weird to watch those movies now. We were watching Looney Tunes and Ben kept crowing “It's so VIOLENT! He shot that dude in the FACE! OVer and OVER!”

    and a PG rating does NOT mean the same thing it does now. No sir.

  2. I hate this cold. Really, really hate it. You're right — it's not just that we're cold weather wimps. We're really not equipped to handle extended cold weather. Hope you all stay warm for another few days. We should be back to normal by late in the week.

    Sorry about deleting the earlier comment. Stupid typos and no way to edit.

  3. …..snicker…..we almost named Sean -Tanner- after the one in the movie. BUT we would never be able to admit that. lol!

    Can you imagine — who are you named after, kid?

  4. Ya know, I've been feeling very, very bad for all the people mid-country and down south who are having to deal with the freezing temps and snow. Those of us up here in the Great Frozen Midwest are ready for it, used to it, and even kind of look forward to it (sick, I know), but you guys didn't sign up for this type of weather. I really do hope it heads out soon!

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