What a friend I have in Jesse!

Jesse is my niece, the only girl grandchild for my parents. Naturally, she’s our princess. We don’t get to see her (or her brothers) nearly often enough, but suffice it to say, Jesse thinks her Aunt Amy is pretty darn weird. Oh well . . . she’s certainly not the only one! And, she still lets me play with the Barbie’s and other cool girly stuff that I have no clue what to do with.

My sister sent me a story Jesse wrote today (she’s in second grade). I’m so glad I have Jesse on my side. (And, NO!!! It is not a true story, though it easily could be. I’ve made a note to never go to Blue Jay County Park.) Here it is:

One day, while I was having a picnic at Blue Jay County Park a bird flew down and landed on Aunt Amy’s head! Aunt Amy is terrified of birds. She jumped up and ran around the playground several million times. For some weird reason, she got confused and started to play on the playground. While she was still confused, she began to swing on a tree like a monkey and was saying “oo-oo-ah-ah.” Meanwhile all the people at the park stopped what they were doing and stared at her. I helped her by jumping on her and shaking her and also saying “snap out of it!” Once she calmed down, we sat down and had a nice picnic the rest of the day.

THE END by Jesse

5 thoughts on “What a friend I have in Jesse!

  1. “Snap out of it!” How funny….The last time I saw Jesse she was strapped in a car seat. I think the story should be made into a film by Tim! They would need someone very athletic to play you!

    My world verification is lerwhead. What the heck is a lerw head?

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