2010 . . . so far

Danny got a job! A real job! He went and peed in a cup and everything today. After a year of searching, he’s employed. He studied really hard for the drug test and I have my fingers crossed that he’ll pass. He’ll be working for Winn Dixie, a local grocery store. I don’t expect he’ll like it, but he knows he’s lucky to get his job, VERY lucky.

In the meantime, I’ve lost my car! My car! I didn’t even have to pee in a cup or anything. Gah! Between Danny’s school schedule and soon-to-be work schedule (not to mention Tim and Ian will have licenses soon and will start college classes of their own in the fall) we’re going to have to face the reality of another car and *GASP* a car payment. I HATE the idea of a car payment right now. I also hate being trapped by other people’s schedules. I think we’ll stick it out as long as we can with just my car – or until I lose my mind – or until we win the lottery (can someone please remind us to play the lottery?). Unless, of course, anyone reading here is seeking to unload a low mileage large vehicle at no charge – in that case, I might just take you up on that.

Good news overall, though. Right? The boys are not growing up AND away from me, right? They’re not actually ever going to leave and have their own lives, right? OK – talk amongst yourselves, I’m all verklempt.

6 thoughts on “2010 . . . so far

  1. At least if he is working at the grocery store you can have him pick up milk, eggs, bananas, and such before he leaves work if he has the car.

  2. I think you need to wear a loose white robe and have everyone come to you for advice and wisdom… then you won't have to worry about driving anywhere AND you'll have lots of blog fodder.

    It's awesome to have a kid who works in a grocery store. Claire has it exactly right.

    I call Matt's cell phone, leave a voice mail placing my order, and when he gets off work, he checks his messages and buys me whatever I've requested.

    Sometimes I even pay him back.

  3. Claire and Ami – you make a good point. If I get a giant white robe, I'll never have to leave the house or shave my legs again.

    Deana – *snort* Danny and I had pretty much the same conversation. But, honestly, there's nothing worse than getting home with your groceries and finding out that someone has eaten half of your box of Eggo's, the Cheeze Whiz and gotten a good head start on your chocolate syrup, ya know?

    Lizzie – your idea has been pretty much our plan all along – the economy hasn't really cooperated and now my sanity may be at stake. We're going to hold out as long as we can, though.

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