TEN … and an egg

Andy had a great birthday! It’s strange how I have started hoarding our time together as a family of six. Trying to tread lightly on the schedules of the older boys while still trying to keep us all together for yet another milestone. Tonight was great! Andy wanted BLT’s as his birthday dinner. Can’t go wrong there. (We fed Ian grilled provolone/tomato sandwiches.) My plan was for us all to eat together at our gigantic table, but the table was covered with school stuff and everyone was starving, so we ate together in the living room and watched a Fraser rerun.

After cake and ice cream, Mike wheeled in Andy’s new bike! Andy’s old bike had no brakes. He has been attempting to use Tim’s old bike, brakes, barely, as a substitute and that would be great if Andy was about 6″ taller. The new bike is the right size and very red and he was beyond excited. In fact, Mike and all the boys took off right after cake and ice cream to test drive Andy’s bike. Happy kid.

Andy’s brothers presented him with a pair of roller blades that should see him through the next three shoe sizes. Thus far, Andy has only tested them in the house, baffling between walls and furniture. I think he needs pads and a new helmet – but maybe that’s just lazy me not wanting to go to the Emergency Department yet again.

After Andy went to bed, I went to work in the kitchen in my endless quest to keep people here fed and happy. I made some hard boiled eggs. I bake my eggs (30 min at 325, put a cookie sheet on the bottom of your oven in case one breaks). I’ve never had an egg break in the years I’ve been doing this (every 10 days or so for the past five years). Tonight, an egg broke. Wah! You tell me . . . is it Homer Simpson climbing out of the egg or just a chicken foot? Either way, I was kind of freaked out.

And, that was our day. How was your day?

5 thoughts on “TEN … and an egg

  1. Huh, never baked eggs. and now I never will b/c apparently it makes aliens.

    For Ian, if he is so inclined: My vegetarian BLT is lettuce and provolone and tomato, as mentioned, but add avacado for that nice mouth-feel and chipotle mayo (you get one of those cans of chipotle in adobo sauce and add just a bit of that sauce to the mayo) it makes it smokey. SO good.

  2. Nothing yields a better WOW factor than a bike. It's so fun to wheel it in! Happy Birthday Andy!!

    I too am fascinated by this baked egg thing. Is there a difference in flavor? Why bake over boil?

  3. Mmmmm – that sandwich sounds amazing, Deana. Wonder if we have enough provolone left to have those for lunch?

    Claire and Jan, just stick the eggs right on the rack. No difference in taste, but the eggs don't slam together and crack like they tend to do when you boil them.

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