4th Grade, Stoopid Parents and Audiobooks

First of all, I love 4th grade! In my experience this is the grade when boys really start to “get it.” Reading kicks in, writing, while still not the favorite subject, no longer provokes tears and boys this age are just funny, weird sure, but still funny. Andy is no exception. He sneaks away when he thinks I’m not looking to read. Ooooo bad. But, as long as he thinks I’m hunting him down to make him stop, I’ll keep ignoring it. He’ll show me alright!

And then we move to the oldest child. Ugh. Like, dude, I so remember being his age. My parents were stoopid too – gag-me-with-a-spoon-stoopid! He’s reached the point where he is juggling many activities and I had the audacity to suggest he make a to-do list. You know? Something to help him keep track of all of the stuff he has to do? And, I added that he did not need anything electronic to actually make such a list. STOOPID!!!!! That is until this morning . . . he made a list and spent all of his time hiding the list from me. Go on, hide the list. I’ll keep ignoring it. He’ll show me alright!


The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane is the last book I listened to. I really enjoyed it. Great literature, not hardly. But, it was a fun story and I kind of enjoyed feeling smarter than the heroine during quite a bit of the book. Buy it? Probably not. Library, definitely. This is what I would call a vacation book. I think it could be a fun movie if it was cast well.

Have you all read the book? I remember watching the miniseries during an extremely cold Pittsburgh winter – curled up in my parents bed with my mom, my sister and my brother (dad was traveling) under an electric blanket (harvest gold at that), M&M’s and bottles of Pepsi. The M&M’s and Pepsi signaled it was a big deal. The miniseries stayed with me but I never got around to reading the book. I listened to it last week while I tore out the dead plants in the garden and got things ready for the warm weather planting. WOW!

The actual writing is not that spectacular, but the story more than makes up for it. I found it interesting to read in a post 9/11 state of mind. Kunta Kinte was educated and a Muslim, something lost in the miniseries. And, then, you learn so much more about how the plantations and farms worked . . . I was amazed and riveted by much of the book. Avery Brooks, the narrator, is fantastic. He sounds a lot like James Earl Jones, but not quite as imposing or scary.

One thought on “4th Grade, Stoopid Parents and Audiobooks

  1. When Matt was that age and dual enrolled I would try to make suggestions but he would quickly remind me that it is HIS class. As unschoolers I raised him that way, what was I thinking? LOL

    Matt is an auditory learner, great for a college student, so decided to experiment in one class. He decided to stop taking notes and just listen and then see if he still got A's. UGH, experimenting with a COLLEGE class! He still got the A's and I stopped biting my nails. Damn homeschooled kid! 🙂

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