Why not?

Mike and the boys came home from Scouts tonight and asked “We’re having a Super Bowl party, right?” Ummm . . . sure. Yes. Party at our house this Sunday. Why not? It’ll be fun and I love Super Bowl food.

But, I started thinking about it and I remember when Dan, Tim and Ian were all still bald, my mom telling me that two years makes a tradition. She was talking about little kids and the fact that if you do something in a big way with them two years in a row, they will grow up to believe it was a family tradition. I’m living proof of this theory, as are my older sons. You will never convince me my family did not go on a yearly hike through the snow to find the perfect Christmas tree. According to my mom, it was two years through a snowy-ish parking lot. For my kids it was two years of kicking off the new “homeschool” year with breakfast out or, at the very least, donuts. Sure, I’m not going to argue about things that happened nearly 10 years ago. Interesting AND useful, huh?

I’m seeing how this works with parties as well. You have a get together two years in a row, you will always have a party. Good by me, that means I don’t have to put on shoes. Now, who has good Superbowl food recipes they want to share? Jump right in. Next, who wants to come clean? Don’t rush, I can divide the work among several people! Just name your specialty – dust? floors? bathrooms? windows? Go for it! Fine. I thought I’d give it a shot.

In other news, I had a proud moment at the library today. As I stood at the desk to check out my new books, the librarian scanned my card and NO FINES!!!! Not a one. I felt so clean and virtuous. And, to think I made the boys scrounge the car seats for change as we pulled into our parking space. I think this may just be the year I finally get invited to the Library Police’s Annual Award Banquet. Dare I hope to be the “Most Improved Patron?” What should I wear?

2 thoughts on “Why not?

  1. I'll come over and whip up a batch of the cream cheese/ham/cheddar dip that makes people happy.

    As for the library police banquet… it's usually considered bad form to show cleavage, either fore or aft.

  2. LOL – can you be here Friday, Ami? We have a comfy recliner for you to sleep in and you can talk me through the dip.

    Thanks for the fashion tip. I'll start looking for turtleneck gowns.

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