I confess

I’ve been watching too much television lately. I have a love/hate thing going on with our dvr. I love being able to record and save shows that no one else around here wants to watch – Project Runway comes to mind. (Anyone watching the new season? Poor Ping! She was cute and weird as hell – I was hoping she’d last a little longer.) But, there are shows that, without the dvr, I would watch if I wasn’t doing something else, but I would be fine to miss them too – Kitchen Nightmares and American Idol come to mind. And, there are the shows I would simply DIE if I missed one. Those would be 24 and Lost.

We are huge 24/Jack Bauer fans here. This season is promising so far. Jack in thick glasses, speaking fluent German this week was over the top, but hysterically funny and in the end Jack Bauer rose above the bad disguise.

Lost? Anyone else see the 2 hour premiere? Every year I say I’m not going to watch because the writers just drag you along with no resolutions. And, every year, I end up watching with the boys. Once again, I’m “lost” and confused.

In the meantime, there is a lot that is not getting done around here. This is usually the time of year I flirt with the idea of getting rid of cable tv and getting most of our stuff from Netflix or online. When we don’t turn the tv on, no one misses it. Who knows, maybe this will be the year I finally do it?

OK – Lost is done. Time to get to some laundry and the kitchen and tomorrow’s to-do list. Woohoo.

3 thoughts on “I confess

  1. I thought that picture was of Alton Brown. clearly I don't watch 24. But I do watch Lost. WTF? More characters? Um, hooray? Because we totally needed some more plot on that show. there's a really funny recap at bestweekever.tv, just scroll down to find it.

    Loved Ping. And want her glasses, but they're 600 bucks.

  2. Oh, I don't want any of those other shows you mentioned, but I LOVE Project Runway. Poor Ping, indeed! I thought if they'd let her survive her model's butt showing, they'd let her survive anything . . . guess not. We keep saying we're going to ditch cable too . . . but I LOVE my DVR.

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