Death by napping . . .

It’s no secret, I love a good nap. In fact, there are few things I love more than a good nap. I like all naps and generally take one every day while the kids have lunch. But my daily naps are mostly just flopping on the couch and closing my eyes and pretending I don’t hear anything and if I keep my eyes closed, the boys know not to talk to me – it’s a sanity thing.

Today, however, I am talking about a REAL nap. The kind where you put your jammies on in the middle of the day, block out the light in your room and snuggle up ignoring all adult responsibility. That’s a REAL nap. They are few and far between, but they are delicious and irresistible to me.

Poor Mike, my early-to-bed-early-to-rise husband. He’s not a napper. Fortunately, though, he appreciates how napping brings out my better qualities and he indulges me. Today, even for me, was a little over the top. If I get to sleep in AND follow that up with a nap, here I am at 3:30 am wondering what other quiet things I can do until I’m sleepy. It’s a vicious cycle. :::sigh::: Pity me, the slow learner of life’s lessons.

Last night, the kids spent the night at my parents (aka Bing and Pap). It’s an annual thing – my mom gets them bookstore gift cards for Christmas and they make a weekend out of spending them. The kids love this tradition, and so do we! The older boys are certainly old enough to leave home if Mike and I really want to go out for dinner or something. But there’s always that what-if/what’s-really-going-on feeling when we do this. It’s not all that relaxing. However, when the kids are all at Bing and Pap’s, they become Bing and Pap’s problem. It’s a whole new dynamic. Sure, we’d be sad if Danny went joy-riding in Pap’s car at 3 am or if Tim snuck his harem into their house after Bing and Pap had gone to bed, but it really would not be our fault, would it? No, it wouldn’t. Do we really expect our kids to do these kinds of things? Of course we don’t. But there is always that possibility.

Mike and I originally planned to go for dinner somewhere. But we ended up eating dinner here and then going to our local “dive” to listen to music and hang out on the patio under what I consider one of the greatest trees in the world. This tree is ginormous and so wonderfully curved and funky looking. Add to that fact there is a table directly under it and someone will bring us adult beverages while we sit and contemplate the tree – BINGO!

I apologize in advance to all of my snow-bound friends, but it was a wonderful evening. Cool, but not too cool. Our cell phones were not constantly buzzing with insane questions. “Is it ok for Andy to watch District 9?” (Answer, hell no.) “Do you mind if a couple of people come over to play football?” (Yes, I do mind. Those kids are constantly at our house and they’re always welcome when I’m there, but no, no, no . . . I took an inventory of the food stores and I’ll know if they’ve been there.) And on and on and on . . . So, for the first time in too long, Mike and I were able to talk freely about anything! Crazy, huh?

It’s easy in day-to-day life to forget what you really like about your spouse – well, it is for me. Nights like last night helped us remember how much we laugh together and how far we’ve come as a couple and as a family. We laughed so much and talked about so many crazy things that we’ve both been saving up for a time when we had a real chance to talk. The bartender tempted me into trying a wee tequila shot chased by pickle juice. I’m not a huge fan of shots or tequila, but the wee cup and the enthusiasm of the people around us who had tried it spurred me on. Go figure, it was strangely delicious. Mike couldn’t get past the pickle juice which is probably just as well since he was driving.

This morning, Mike had to be at a Scout thing early. It was one of those back and forth events, so when he came home about an hour later, I got up and watched cooking shows with him. When he left a couple of hours later, I put my jammies back on, climbed into bed and napped until he came home. Ahhhh…decadent and wonderful and now I’m paying the price. And, it’s worth it! (Until tomorrow … no sleeping in, no naps, it’s the Super Bowl! and a school night)

My work is done – the house is clean, the laundry is done, most of the food is made and I have lists of anything remaining to be done on the counter. It seems too easy. Heck, even for the last minute food and ice runs, I can just send Danny! Let them eat cake indeed. I could get used to this.

3 thoughts on “Death by napping . . .

  1. We will be watching the super bowl at 8 am on Monday morning. We have started a tradition (by year 4 its tradition right)?. We have breakfast and watch!

  2. Hmmmm….what kind of breakfast foods make good superbowl watching food? American Breakfast foods (eggs, donuts, pancakes, bacon, etc.) or do you eat Japanese breakfast foods. Inquiring minds want to know.

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