It’s like riding a bike, huh?

I never go so long without posting here. It’s weird to be back – I missed you all! We are the worst family about being sick. It doesn’t happen often and when it does, we are a mess when we come out of it. After a full week of barfing and sleeping and more stomach upset and not eating, we are finally back to full-speed. How Danny and Mike managed to avoid it all is a mystery. Thank God, they were healthy, though. They kept the rest of us in Gatorade and ginger ale. They did the nasty laundry and scrubbed the bathrooms. The rest of us, slept where we fell – for days on end. It was not pretty. Ian and I, with our allergies, have lethargic days periodically throughout the year. Tim and Andy? Never. The pair of them slept for 3-4 days in 12-14 hour stretches. Unreal. But, like I said, we’re all back to human now.

From my in-and-out week, the best I can tell is that many of you are buried in snow and expecting more. Yuck. I will spare you my complaints of how “cold” it is here. (But, it IS really cold and I want a new sweater.)

We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games on Friday night. Cool orcas. Bummer on the torch. Mike and the boys have been watching a lot of events this weekend. Me? I’m holding out for the figure skating – the ice dancing tonight was inspiring.

Last night, we had some friends over to celebrate Joel turning 48. I baked a bundt cake and Mike and the boys found 48 candles. We bundled the candles with a rubber band and stuffed them into the middle of the cake. Glorious. After we finished roasting marshmallows, we sang Happy Birthday (really loud, because Joel is all old now) and devoured the cake. Mike and Joel are the same age. I’m thinking 49 and 50 must involve potato canons or something equally spectacular. Send me your ideas!

What else? I have nothing – I’ve been asleep or catching up on stoopid stuff – food, clothing, hygeine, etc.

Ian has been driving. Gah! Today he drove all the way to Target without having to trade seats with me. This is a good thing as it’s cold (did I mention the cold) and I have a hard time unclenching my hands from the “Jesus handle” above the passenger side door.

Parking aside, it was a relatively good trip. And, parking a 1998 Suburban in a new Target parking lot is no small feat. Ian hit nothing and I cannot ask for more than that. Learning to drive a tank is slow tedious work. Now, everyone take a moment to pray that Tim will continue to avoid the 4-hour-online test that would allow him to get a permit. I don’t know that I can teach two at once without resorting to drugs or alcohol – it’s a joke – that’s the test Tim is avoiding – it’s long and tedious and, hey, someone pass me a drink.

5 thoughts on “It’s like riding a bike, huh?

  1. Glad you're on the mend. Every time I see a pic in your kitchen, I think “I really really need to mosaic my under-counter space….” Can you just come visit for a while and do it for me? I'll lend you a sweater.

  2. Like riding a bike… except maybe you need to put the training wheels back on?

    Love the candle bundle.

    Don't talk to me about teen driving.

    It turns me into an angsty doodle dandy.

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