Grow up already . . .

No, not you. I’m talking to myself. I’m watching a rerun of the Olympic events from today while I catch up on all things virtual. I do love the Olympics – I like the stories, the over-the-top music and all of it. Tonight, I tip my hat to Shaun White. WOW! I could not do what he did even if I was 22 and attached to a ton of wires and props. The man was flying and flipping and defying gravity in totally cool looking snowpants no less.

Tonight, I am sitting here alone realizing that it’s unlikely that I’ll ever grow up and be a true adult. Why? The Double Luge. Honestly. I get that the sport evolved from people having to come down off a mountain for market day or something. But, as the mom of four boys, even if the boys had to share two sleds, Double Luging would not be the way they’d go down the mountain. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, four brothers had to share two sleds. The only way they could get food for the family was to sled down the mountain in pairs. The brothers enjoyed racing each other down the hill.

Let’s say we are one of the mythical brothers in the story above, just for fun. One, they’d most likely like to see what’s coming up ahead and would not opt to go down feet first. Two, if they had to share a sled, I do not see the advantage to going down the mountain feet first, stacked one on top of the other. Three, most likely, they would be bundled up in wool garments making them lumpy and bulky.

Fast forward to 2010. In 2010, we all appreciate traditions when they make sense. The Double Luge does not make sense on any level. I don’t know about you but I would be slightly freaked out if my 12-year-old son came home and announced he wanted to train for the Olympics as a layer of a Double Luge team. Heck, I’d be freaked out if he wanted a spandex unitard.

I’d probably ask “Son, why do you want to wear a Spandex unitard, special sock-like shoes and lie on top of your friend while hurtling down an unseen tube of ice?” I love my sons no matter what – even if they want a spandex unitard, but let’s face it, no matter how you wrap your head around it, the double luge is a weird sport. Regular guys do not stack themselves up, face up/face down in any circumstances. Why is it still an Olympic sport?

I’m going to bed with the sincere desire to grow up and appreciate sports I do not understand.

One thought on “Grow up already . . .

  1. I think you are totally grown up! you call the outfits unitards. I call them “condom suits” here (as in “of course you can see camel toe, the girl's wearing a condom!) I need to grow up 🙂

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