High Praise . . .

I’ll take it where I can find it. Andy’s best friend, Paul, spent the night tonight. When I called the boys in from playing outside I gave them the choice of pancakes or tacos for dinner. (Mike and the older boys were all off doing other things and I love nothing better than an easy dinner.) They voted for tacos. In my laziest mode, I heated up some ground beef left over from another meal and dumped in a can of enchilada sauce rather than figure out the taco seasonings (yes, I am that lazy). Heated some taco shells, chopped lettuce, discovered we had no real cheese so grated some Velveeta, and popped the lid off of the sour cream.

Initially, I fixed each boy one taco. They don’t normally eat a lot because they are too busy talking and plotting. Today, however, they’d spent the entire day outside running full speed and were both starving. Before I could turn around they were both back for taco #2. At this point I realized Tim would be home soon and I didn’t have a lot of meat left in the pan, so I dumped in some rice (if it’s ok for Taco Bell . . .) and some more sauce to heat up.

At this point, Paul came out to tell me that mine were the most delicious tacos he’d ever had in his whole life. Nice. Tim came home, and immediately ate three tacos. Andy and Paul sidled up for a third taco, too. This round, Paul told me “Your tacos are even BETTER than the ones I get at school. And that’s NOT an insult.” Well, pass me a hairnet!

Honestly, Paul is just like Danny was at 10 – too busy (things to do, talk about, places to move to, etc. lol) to be bothered with food and meals. (Andy, on the other hand, is a food savorer, like his dad. He is willing to stop and eat anytime! I think it’s part survival mechanism for him with the three older brothers.) So, if Paul actually takes time to eat and comment about what he’s eating – sheesh! Someone call the Iron Chef!

Later, after ice cream sandwiches, the boys and I made a run to Walgreen’s to get Nesquik for hot chocolate (seriously, it’s cold here in Florida!). As we got back into the truck (Mike had my car so he could haul many scouts), the 70’s station on Mike’s XM radio popped up. It was some sappy love song from the early 70’s (the name of the song is escaping me right now and you should thank me for not singing it to you!) Paul quickly announced that he lurved this song and could I please take the longest way home so he and Andy could have time to talk. I turned the song up and he and Andy spent the rest of the ride home in hysterics. They’re growing up :::sniff:::: but at least they’re funny.

We got home, I made hot chocolate, did the dinner dishes and the boys set up a game of Monopoly. I cannot prove it, but I’m fairly certain they were cheating. Both boys were rolling doubles like crazy and I kept landing in jail. We halted the game because I was all done and they were getting that goofy glazed look kids get when they’re too tired. The plan is to finish the game tomorrow afternoon. If anyone has loaded dice, please send them ASAP.

One thought on “High Praise . . .

  1. Hey Alexander is contemplating wearing shorts and no jacket to school tomorrow. The high is supposed to be 79. It will all depend on what the temp is at 7:30am.

    I am hoping that my feet will thaw out tomorrow…I had to go out and buy another package of socks and a pair of slippers (I hate slippers but they are better than shoes) and was wearing double socks and slippers and my feet were still cold. One time I turned the hair dryer on my feet to warm them up.

    Sean got jealous that I got slippers (he has always just loved shoes, the first time he went into Payless as a toddler he gasped) and so I had to take him out to get new slippers. He got the fake crocks with the fuzzy lining in it and loves them.

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