Are you a dreamer?

I am. I’m a dreamer in the sense that I have vivid dreams anytime I sleep (unless a serious painkiller is involved). I’ve always just accepted that I have insane dreams. Dream interpretation isn’t one of my huge interests, though I get it – it just makes me more paranoid about how weird I might truly be. Mostly, I just accept the weird, take a shower as soon as I wake up to wash it away and get on with my life. But . . . even for me the weird dreams are starting to freak me out! I’ve been waking up really angry or really sad or really thrilled about things that have not happened. And, what’s worse, it’s crazy hard to shake that feeling.

For me, I think it’s the fact that things are changing and to the permanent so quickly here. Dan is officially finishing up his training at the local grocery store. He’ll be a senior next year and then, sniff, it will all change. And Ian and Tim are right behind him. I want them all to be independent thinkers and independent people … I just thought there would be more time or something. It’s going so fast!

QUICK ASIDE: If you are planning to work in a grocery store: things to note: If you are under 17, you may NOT use scissors in the store. If you are under 18, stay away, far away, from the box cutters (which are actually hooks with no blade). Really, when you start seeing all the rules, it’s a wonder the world functions at all. It’s crazy! If a kid is old enough to quit high school or drive a car, I’d like to think scissors and a fake box cutter are ok. If you have doubts, why would you hire that kid?

But, this is all about me … errrr, I mean us, you know, my family. With Dan’s working, school, the other kids’ activities and what seem to be a multitude of doctor’s appointments lately, I’ve become a home-bound recluse unless I’m in the death seat teaching someone to learn how to drive. I feel out of control (in the sense that I do not have control, not in the sense that I don’t feel I can control myself) and I think that’s coming up in my dreams. I’m sure it will all pass, but in the meantime, I’m trying to keep my sense of humor. Wish me luck treading the fine line between giggling and shrieking hysterically.

In other news, Ian got his braces off. WOW!!!!! He’s had braces on since shortly before he turned 12, he turned 16 last month. In that time he’s grown and changed so much I had no idea how much seeing his teeth instead of metal would change his face. Obviously, I’m the mom and I think all my kids are beautiful, but the change in Ian is dramatic! He was born without one adult tooth and he won’t let me take his picture until tomorrow when he gets the fake tooth we’ll use until he’s done growing and can get an implant. I can’t wait for you all to see him!

It’s late, I’m on top of the laundry once more, the dishes are done and I have five sleeping bodies in my house. OK – day done. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

5 thoughts on “Are you a dreamer?

  1. Oh, the dreams I have…Totally whacked. so I feel you. B/c they're WAY worse when I feel stressed or out of control.

    Can't wait to see Ian! Did you know that Ed Helms has an implant for a missing tooth and was thus able to be very convincingly one-tooth-less in The Hangover? Now you do.

  2. Lyssa gets an implant next month. Her face is finished growing, according to our tooth man.

    what is it with kids and growing up and leaving? No one warned me.

  3. When I wake up with weird dreams emotions, they tend to stick with me the whole day. Hate that!

    Just today, I wished my kids would stop growing b/c of the constant clothes shuffle. You really put it in perspective though.

  4. I love when you talk about your dreams as I dream so little myself. That said, when I do dream I usually end up shocking myself awake at some point from them (falling, etc). Really, I think white bread has a more interesting dreamscape than I do so please, please tell us more about your dreams.

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