Behold the miracle of Orthodontia!

Here’s Ian at 7, I think. You get a hint of the problems facing him tooth-wise. Poor kid got the worst of the teeth genes from my family AND Mike’s family. Shortly before he turned 12, we started with braces. Now, shortly after turning 16, the braces are finally off!!!!

Behold! Yes, that is a 16-year-old boy staring down his mom who is cursing and threatening him if he doesn’t smile and show off his beautiful, expensive new teeth. He was not pleased about me taking this picture. But, his teeth are amazing. You cannot believe the miracles our orthodontist and dentist worked together.

He went through a lot to get those teeth. If you are looking into braces for your child, my best advice is to consult initially with at least two orthodontists, three is even better. Most consults are free or minimal charge and you’ll be amazed at how different doctors approach the same mouth. I’m so glad we did this with Ian.

Now, all hail Ian’s teeth. 8)

6 thoughts on “Behold the miracle of Orthodontia!

  1. The teeth look great!

    And you're so right about consulting multiple orthodontists. We were told we had a 95% chance of needing to pull 4 of dd's teeth, a 50-50 shot of not needing to pull any teeth, and a guarantee that no teeth would be removed. Who knew that there could be so much variation? Before we started looking I thought orthodontia was orthodontia. It turns out to be as style-based as cutting hair.

    (We went with the last one. We figured you could always go back and yank teeth out if you decided you'd made a mistake and picked the wrong ortho, but you couldn't go back and re-insert the teeth if the mistake went the other way.)

  2. WOW! He looks like he could be one of MY children!!! What a beautiful smile!

    Thanks for the ortho advice, it has paid off so far with my kiddos. I think we've find a keeper here in NC.

    Love you,

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