It’s official . . .

Tim has the flu. The boy is an absolute, pathetic mess. He seemed a little better this morning, so I told Dan to go ahead and take the car for his classes and to run some errands for me as Tim and I were up most of the night. Around 10 am, Tim crashed and burned. He spent most of today dead asleep in our bedroom (the only quiet place in the house) only waking for me to dump fluids down his throat.

Finally, around 6 pm, Tim woke up for longer than two minutes. I stuffed him into the car with a big fluffy blanket and took him to the doc-in-a-box at our local grocery store. Once again, I must gush about how much I love these places. Fast, thorough and I’ve only dealt with extraordinarily nice people. The nurse practitioner that took care of Tim tonight was really wonderful. I don’t have a working thermometer in the house, but I knew his fever was high – 103 WITH ibuprofen at the doc-in-the-box!

So, we now have Tim quarantined in his bedroom, Ian is on the couch (he chose that over sharing Dan and Andy’s room) and Tim has full reign of the boys’ bathroom. So far no one else is sick. We have Tim on tamiflu, some good cough medicine, an ibuprofen/acetaminephine (sp?) regimen and a lovely-dissolve-on-your-tongue pill to quell queasiness.

I’ve alerted the neighbors, though I’m pretty sure Tim was not in contact with any of Andy’s friends between Thursday and Sunday. (At this rate, we’re going to get kicked out of the neighborhood – we nearly killed the whole street on Superbowl Sunday with our freaky stomach virus!)

All day long, Ian, Andy, Dan and I have been eating cups and cups of the garlic soup I mentioned last night. Weird, you cannot taste the garlic at all. It’s actually kind of addicting. I think it’s a recipe I will keep.

In addition the house has been scrubbed from top to bottom. All clean sheets and blankets. New toothbrushes. We’ve moved to disposable eating/drinking stuff (but we’re still composting, so it should even out environmentally, right?).

My plan is to have our pediatrician give us prescriptions for Tami-Flu for the healthy tomorrow. I didn’t think to ask for it this evening as by the time the NP was writing out prescriptions for Tim, he was sprawled over three chairs in her office and drooling on the floor. Nothing sadder than a six foot tall baby.

I feel fine right now – finishing up some laundry before I go to bed. Just in case, I wrote out instructions for alternating Motrin/Tylenol and some of the finer points of keeping sick folks alive in case I crash. I made Ian (since he’s on the couch and was awake anyway) read my instructions and then explain them back to me. Now, I just have to catch Mike before he leaves in the morning and do the same with him. No point surviving the flu if you need a liver transplant when it’s all over. (Not that I future-trip or anything like that.)

Everyone cross your fingers that Tim is the only casualty and that our neighborhood doesn’t decide to shun us if he’s not.

5 thoughts on “It’s official . . .

  1. Oh man. Not fun for any of you.
    Hope he feels better fast and that all the precautions you're taking will pay off and no one else will get sick.

  2. Oh! Poor guy! Flu is not fun!

    Hopefully he'll begin feeling better soon.

    My 9 yo had Influenza B when he was 4, and I was shocked at how hard it hit him! It was a month before he could make it to lunch without a nap! On the plus side, there was lots of snuggling, and none of the rest of us got the flu.

    I imagine Tim might be too big to snuggle, but hopefully the rest of you will escape the virus!


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