Knocking wood . . .

So far, Tim is still the only sick person in the house. And, as of 10 minutes ago, it appears his monstrously high fever has broken! Yay! He’s exhausted and threatening to hack up a lung, but I’ll sleep better tonight knowing his brain won’t fry.

Keep your fingers crossed that the rest of us stay healthy, please?!

In other news, it’s official. Watching television with Mike and any combination of my sons is simply not worth it. The constant dialog, bickering and actual physical altercations make even the tamest show unpleasant. Honestly, I tried watching American Idol with them tonight and finally left the room because my eye was twitching.

My hope is that things will warm up here soon and I can just move to the screened-in porch and listen to my audiobook and shut the menfolk out. If it doesn’t warm up soon, I may just check in to the fat farm because all I can think to do (besides laundry and it’s cold out there) is to cook and bake. Delicious, but not really something I want to pursue long-term.

Hope you all are warm and healthy and have secret tv’s somewhere in your house.

One thought on “Knocking wood . . .

  1. Crossing fingers that no one else gets sick!!! YIKES, that is a high fever to have with Ibuprofrin in his system..

    I would love to sit and listen to Harry Potter with you!

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