I’ve been in my house too long.

Tim is definitely ’round the bend. He’s still kind of pathetic, but he’s on the right track. I’m pathetic because I haven’t been sleeping enough (surprise) for checking on Tim (and everyone else, but only while they’re sleeping – how close am I getting to that creepy book Love You Forever? Let me know if I need to back off.)

Strangely, Tim being sick has freed up a lot of my time. I simply stopped teaching the subjects he and Ian do together and Ian spent his free time reading. I had a ton of extra time with Andy for school. Dan has had college classes and has been working and I’ve been trying to keep as many of our germs as possible in the house, so we’ve been housebound for the past five or so days.

Andy and I have done a lot of reading. If you’re studying modern history with a 10 year old, I highly recommend Fireflies in the Dark and Cat with the Yellow Star. Andy and I read these together and I think they were a serious, but not terrifying introduction to the Holocaust. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about things from these books and I’m grateful for the time we had, that we normally would not have had, to talk.

Additionally, Andy and I decided to ‘re-purpose’ the salt map he made of the earth’s terrain last year and make a WWII map. I’ve only covered World Wars with older kids. World War II is head-exploding stuff. I concentrated on things that I thought would stick in a 10-year-olds brain without giving him everlasting nightmares. The map is going well.

The slow week has helped. We’ve had so much time to talk and stop and look things up and think about it all as we repainted the map (so not to scale it’s not even worth talking about!). Next we started on some clay projects to attach to the map. The older boys joined in. I was going to take some pre-pictures, but the camera has gone missing – I’ll edit if I find it. We’ll see what the final project looks like. If nothing else, I think Andy will remember much of what we’ve read and talked about and that’s the point, right?

One thought on “I’ve been in my house too long.

  1. In my role as sometime-library-lady at the school, I find that the boys from around 9-12 are just fascinated with WWII. The challenge, I imagine, is making certain they don't just see the really swank uniforms and awesome weaponry. They check out those DK books like they were porn. I know that at our school they aren't getting lessons in that war yet, it must be in the genetic code.

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