All bets are off . . .

It is now March 7 and I am STILL freezing. I have no desire to live in Miami, but it’s looking like a possibility. Around 8 pm we went to the neighbors to sing happy birthday and eat cake (mostly to eat cake, we’re not a musical family) and it was fuh-reezing. Happy 9th Birthday Miss Katie!

It was an ice cream cake and, because we live in Florida, no one thought to thaw the cake first, because usually with an ice cream cake you end up screaming for people to eat it before it dissolves into a pool of goo. Tonight, it took all but a chain saw to slice the cake. No one broke a tooth, but it was up in the air for a few minutes.

There was a fire pit outside where it was gloriously warm and comfortable. But, the minute you were outside of the 2′ radius, :::BRRRRRRR::: What was really crazy was that everyone there was wearing the same clothes they wore on Christmas and New Year’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the refusal to buy new sweaters, hats, etc is a distinctly Florida thing. Who knows? It might be 10 years until we need it again. And, we’ve all been patting each others’ backs saying, it’s going to warm up sometime.

OK – I’m ready for sometime. I’m grumpy, cold and tired of it. I would not complain if I lived somewhere where it’s supposed to snow and be cold. But, this is Florida – CENTRAL Florida. Other people come here in the middle of winter because it’s WARM. Well, it’s not and I’m tired of it. Fix it. Someone just fix it. Now.

Thing is, we’ll most likely go from every freezing to everyone sweating to death and we’re going to miss the whole awesome winter thing that IS Florida. I want to kick a grapefruit tree or something. The awesome winter thing is what makes Florida so awesome and the May-November summer bearable. I’ve been cheated. I want my weather back.

7 thoughts on “All bets are off . . .

  1. Steve has been whining that he wants to plan to go somewhere warm. but we're broke so we'd have to drive. He's all “We'll go to South Carolina!” And I'm all “The hell I will, it's full of South Carolinans! and it's a 15 hour drive.” I just bundled up and sat in the sun on the back porch with my feet propped on an old snow pile. Good enough.

  2. I am tired of the cold, too! Central Florida is usually beautiful this time of year! I have about 4 sweaters and a couple ratty sweatshirts and I refuse to buy more! I want to wear my flip-flops since I hate wearing shoes! Flip-flops are a year-round item as long as you have your sweatshirt on, no problem!

    Until this winter! Brrrr!

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth! I'm in Houston and I've been robbed of my mild winter. If we go straight to the heat of summer, I'm going to be really, really ticked.

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