The weather is breaking!

Whew! It was in the low 70’s today and this evening it is in the low 50’s. I will cease all complaining now.

While we still have cool weather, the older boys have taught Andy and his friends the joys of the Cincinnati Fire Kite. (If you don’t know what a fire kite is, you need Backyard Ballistics.) It’s a very cool book – though, by all means avoid steroid-izing the potato cannon. Trust me.

I tried and tried and tried to get good pictures of our own fire kites, but to no avail. I’ll leave you with this video. The fire kite is the first project in the video. I just love the father/son team working on this!

5 thoughts on “The weather is breaking!

  1. OH, I am on my way to Florida right now!! It is snowing here in Japan AGAIN! I just want the sun…

    I would love to let the boys try these kites. But, they are illegal on base! Maybe when we move home.

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