Thinking . . .

So, I’ve been thinking about my last post. I feel like I should make a few things clear. One, I don’t think the company Dan is working for is nefarious in any way. I think, like many homeschoolers, I tend to forget that most people have never considered homeschooling one way or another. It’s a foreign concept and most people have no frame of reference. It was probably unfair of me to write about all of this without considering this.

After 10 years of homeschooling, I’m focused on getting my kids educated and started on productive lives. I’ve lost that evangelical zeal about the subject that I had when we first started. I am happy to talk about homeschooling with anyone who has a real interest, but not so much interested in spreading the “word” with people who have no interest. Still, it’s easy to forget that what we take as an integral part of our lives is absolutely bizarre to most people.

OK, just had to get this off of my chest. My other concerns remain, but I wanted to be fair.

3 thoughts on “Thinking . . .

  1. Well, but you know, I do think it's fairly easy to spend, say, the amount of time an interview takes, with a yout' (yes, I hear quotes from My Cousin Vinny every time I approach this topic, now), and know whether he's disconnected, or fairly well-connected. I really do.

    I just think it's become to completely freaking normal to put people into gov't programs that nobody questions the value, rationale, or ethics behind it, anymore. Hey, there's a program for that, and you fall into the loosely defined guidelines, so it *must* be okay!

  2. LOL Dy, I love you for thinking “yout” too. We've been cracking up here all week!

    I agree that the shift to fitting everyone into a gov't program is scary. I just wanted to say that I like the people Dan is working with directly and I don't think there was anything ill-intentioned on their end.

  3. >>I don't think there was anything ill-intentioned on their end.< < I'm w/ you on that, 100%. I think they, honestly, just haven't given any serious thought to the several layers involved: gov't programs, homeschooling, responsible yout'. Not evil, just not really giving it any thought, was how it seemed to me. (oh, and b/c I'm a grammar/control freak, and cannot let an honest typo slide – I meant to type “SO completely”, not “to”… in that first post. OK, I feel better, now.)

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