80 Today!

Sometimes a day that starts badly ends up being the best day ever. Today, we all overslept. We were just getting going on school when my mom called to see if it was a good time to check out Ian’s new teeth and Andy’s WWII map. Well, it’s always a good time for Bing to visit. We scrambled to pick up the worst of our debris before Bing arrived.

Well, not only did Bing arrive, she arrived with two dozen assorted donuts! Yummy donuts! We visited and got caught up on things. I think Bing and Andy had an extra good time talking about the WWII map Andy made last week. My mom (Bing) is awesome at appreciating the small stuff and Andy loves to talk about small stuff.

I love watching my mom and the older boys too. They have their own language and they have so much fun together. I loved both of my grandmas and I love that my kids have so much fun with my own mom. Actually, they have more fun (minus the Carol Burnett Show). Truth be told, my mom could walk into my house and I could go crawl into bed and sleep for two hours and she and the boys would have a great time.

As my mom was leaving, the boys and I all were commenting on how warm and nice it was outside. Andy suggested we go to the beach. At first, I ignored him and then thought, why not? So we headed out to the beach in our balmy 75 weather!

Days like today are why I love homeschooling. Andy stopped his Latin mid-lesson when Bing showed up. We visited and had a great time. Latin is still in the middle of the kitchen table. The beach was awesome! Cold, cold, cold, but awesome. Danny surfed. Andy actually swam for an hour or so. I sat like a big fat wimp huddled in my sweater and a beach towel. Ian and Tim took off walking and were perfectly happy.

Still, though, today was great. I spent the whole day with all my boys and part of the day with my awesome mom. We did fun things and sometimes that’s the best way to go. I will remember today a million times more than I would if we had just stayed home and plowed through Latin.

Today will go down as one of those “perfect” days.

6 thoughts on “80 Today!

  1. Your kids are so lucky to have Bing. My mom flies out to visit and can hardly be bothered to talk to the grandkids. Once I had to run another kid somewhere and left Mom with my then about 15-yr-old son. He told me that as soon as I left she got on the computer and played solitare the entire time, never responding to his questions.

  2. Aww JFS, That stinks! My mom has not been the grandma I thought she would be, frankly, but I guess she did the best she could. The one thing we can take away from this is that WE need to be the grandma that we wished we had or wished our kids had!

  3. Oh, that's so sad, JFS! I'm sorry.

    Amy- Color me jealous, sister! I sooooo miss North Carolina it actually hurts.;-( I was thinking back to being on the beach, comfortably, in March.

    Ans I love the name Bing! How awesome is that! 😀

  4. I think you managed to get the one pretty day at the beach (if a little chilly).

    I want nice weather…is anyone listening?!

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