Dear Anonymous

I don’t know who you are and it certainly takes me long enough to find your comments, but really, why? Can’t you just join us and talk?

Yes, I’m pretty conservative. Yes, I drive a gigantic car. Give me an affordable alternative that will reasonably hold 4 6’+ men, their 5′ brother and mother and all their gear + a couple of additional scouts and their gear. Yeah, it’s not a mini-van. This is a season-of-life vehicle. As much as we enjoy filling up the monster gas tank, we will eventually move to smaller, more efficient vehicles as the boys move out of the house. In the meantime, we’re sucking it up and I suggest you do the same.

But . . . we also buy 60% of our stuff “recycled.” We compost. We garden. We encourage bees. We cook from scratch 90% of the time. If Mike had his way, we’d be making our own beer and wine. And we do this because it makes sense, not because someone told us to do it or, worse, forced us to do it.

We are responsible people. Period. We are responsible for our kids and their behavior, their education and their general well-being. We are responsible for ourselves and our behavior and we do not knowingly ever do anything to hurt someone else. We’re even responsible for our planet in a way that makes sense for a family of six with ties to their community.

What are you doing Anonymous? Why in the world are you visiting my blog? I have a hard time believing we have anything in common. I might be wrong. Are you and your four children traveling your city (Orlando, Houston, Montgomery) via public transportation? How are you getting those groceries home? How is the scouting program working out for you? Are you chipping in for the parents driving your kids to the activities you cannot – in their minivans or SUV’s? Or are you offering rebates to the parents who allow their kids to ride in your car?

I do not mind you posting dissenting opinions here, but please be a real person. Really, even when you are disagreeing, you are welcome here. The anonymous thing is so lame, though. If you’re not interested in joining us, move on. There are lots of places where you’ll find good environmental and/or political discussions. Here are two to get you started – I read them both every morning:

13 thoughts on “Dear Anonymous

  1. I'll counteract it with a shout out of Love from a crazy left-wing nutjob. I won't even LET my kids in scouts b/c of their agenda. That's my brand of crazy. And yet, I find dear Amy delightful and smart and (most important to me) thoughtful and kind.

  2. ??? I missed the A. Nonny Mouse posts – probably a good thing.

    Hey – get the man a beer making kit as a gift – I did so from my hubby many years ago and he STILL is using it (even joined a local brewing club) and having a blast.

  3. Dang, I missed it too! Whaaa!

    Speaking of cars, when we were thinking about getting rid of the mini-van we discussed how we would be able to haul around other kids and give other people rides. But we ended up trading it in for a smaller, more fuel-efficient car, reasoning that most days we're just hauling around our 2 kids. And IMMEDIATELY after getting the smaller car I spent a week driving around 7 kids — I had to borrow Rick's SUV to fit them all in.

    But the fact that I drove EVERYONE'S kids in a big car meant that a bunch of smaller cars could stay off the road.

  4. Why do I always miss the good stuff?
    NOT FAIR!!

    Did you delete the comment? If not, where is it?

    And the way I look at the whole big vehicle thing is that if I live to be 600 years old I'm still greener than Algore.

    What a horrendous fraud he is!!

  5. I can't stand a coward. Sad. Too many people see “conservative” and immediately assume someone who wants to destroy the planet, hates people who are different, are religious zealots and are just plain mean and creepy. Sigh. For some people who profess to be soooo open-minded well, it sure doesn't appear that way! Being kind and loving is not supposed to be reserved for only same-thinking individuals as yourself.

    Amy is a kind person to everyone so I certainly do not see why the snarky posts.

  6. How sad for that poor, pathetic person with nothing better to do than criticize someone for driving a certain vehicle. I feel sorry for them!

    We're looking for a suburban or something similar….hope the lightning bolt of “Anonymous' wrath” doesn't strike me!

  7. Yes, join the conversation. You might find that most of us are doing our part, just in different ways.

    Kudos on the thrift store buys, I'm terrible about that.

  8. Deana wrote my comment!

    Sorry you are dealing with this, Amy. You are one of my all-time favorite people and I want to be a whole lot more like you when I grow up.

  9. Well shoot, I just wrote a big thank you to all of you and it disappeared. And my dryer is buzzing.

    Deana and Janet, thanks. I never think of either of you as (out of the norm) crazy and never as left-wing nut jobs. We disagree (mightily) on some issues, but that's what makes life interesting, right? (And, Deana, I totally get the Scout issues – I have had/still have to some degree the same issues – however, for us, it's worked out pretty well.)

    The comment left was pretty innocuous, it's just the pattern of these comments that is starting to get on my nerves, hence the post. In this post, if you click on the word “comment” in the first paragraph, you can see the “Driving a Suburban is never a good thing” comment. That's all there is, but why? Why bother? It's not like I am a single woman blogging about driving my Suburban all over town just for fun. Gah!

  10. Having 5 children is irresponsible.
    Driving a gas guzzler is irresponsible.

    So what? I don't have a blog, hence I am anonymous.

    You must like the attention.

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